Thursday, July 8, 2010

Random Rambles:

This past week I have had a lot on my mind. Because of this, I decided to do a "Random Rambles" post. To be honest, the last couple of days I haven't felt altogether. So here are my thoughts 'rambles.'

1. They say that when you are a full time student your brain goes to mush. I am living proof of this! I hate that I am so busy that I forget about everything else that must be done or I have committed to.

2. I want these two things:

3. I read Dear John finally. I know I am way behind the time, but it is better later than never. Plus, when it became better known, Mr. Man was deployed. I was advised not to read it or watch the movie while he was gone. I still have not seen the movie, but I cried through the book. And I definitely could have handled it while Mr. Man was gone because it isn't even focused about his adventures through the war. Not to give it away in case other readers have not read it (even though I am almost sure I am the last).

4. I know I have chosen the right major when people always make comments like, "You must be a teacher." or "Are you a teacher?" When I ask what makes them ask that, they tell me that I look like one, have a personality like one, carry myself like one, and write fast while still maintaining a pretty and bubbly handwriting. Not sure how I act or look or whatever, not sure how teachers act or look or whatever, but it is uplifting (in a way)when people say those things.

5. I can't wait to receive my Avon things in the mail! I recently won a giveaway done by Nicole at Flip Flops and Combat Boots, and ordered more products for myself.

6. Last week I bought my sister these two things and had them shipped to her:
I can't wait for her to get them in the mail! I am super excited for her to get them actually. I keep catching myself wanting to tell her!

7. Speaking of my sister and her pregnancy, I have officially decided that I really want her to have a baby girl. Why? Because I had some time to waste while I was in the BX, so I decided to go to the baby clearance section and check out what they had to offer. I found the most adorable girl clothes EVER! I wanted to buy them so so bad, but (some how) I convinced myself to be patient.

8. Mr. Man is working mids for the upcoming exercise that starts next week. I am slightly bummed because I dislike when he has that schedule because I have to maintain a semi-normal schedule to catch things open in order to get things done. Not to mention, I planned us a trip to Bath this Saturday... and poor Mr. Man will have to return to work at midnight on Sunday. He's going to be exhausted. 

9. Long, exhausting math really does get boring and.. well just plain sucks. It gets me all worked up and flustered over absolutely nothing. Well, actually it is over the long and tiring moments of staring at numbers and weird signs only to repeat it with slightly different numbers about 10 more times.

10. Remember this post? What do you think about this set? I am way too wishy-washy. I really, really do like it. At least in the picture. I fear what it will look like in person. So what do you think? Be honest!


  1. I love the bedspread and the dress that you want! I can't wait for you to start getting all your Avon goodies either!!

  2. I loved this made me smile :). And I really like the bed set! Very pretty and romantic, without being overly girly.

  3. That bed spread is cute! My husband is on mids and I HATE it! I'm waiting for them to switch him off it.. it won't be happening anytime soon though. Boo ha.

  4. Gorgeous bed spread but will it be hard to make sure it's EXACTLY in the center? And if you're in the market for running shoes, Asics are the best. I love mine. Cute dress though!

  5. I like that bedroom set a lot. I think it's very calm, serene, and spa-like. I've been pouring over them recently too for our guestroom, and you're right, it's hard to order something you haven't seen in person! I'm thinking of going w/ a Tuscan theme...maybe you can give me tips from your travels :-)

  6. I'm following you, will you follow me?


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