Monday, July 26, 2010

My Bedset has come in!

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Now, on to the sheets I finally got in the mail.

Remember when I posted about looking for new bedsheets... and was considering this one.
Well, I ended up purchasing it. I decided that even though I was slightly wishy-washy of it, those reasons were bogus. After debating the pros and cons of it, I bought it with the thought of wanting to buy 2 sets anyways. We always have two sets of bedsheets. They generally all match in some way, so when I wash I have another set to put on. Plus, here the differences in temperature is huge, so we have winter tops and summer tops for the beds. Seriously, I know I am a maniac when it comes to the bed, so there's no need to tell me.   :)

So I bought it, and it came in today. I was not expecting it until late August because that is what the shipping confirmation said. I was ok with it because it is a comforter and for the winter months. When I got it home, I kept telling myself I had to finish school work before I could touch my packages (I got 3 in). I sat at the computer and accomplished the school work. I was so excited about opening my box, but the excitement grew once I saw the actual bedsheets. 

They were nicely packed, and on the outside of the packaging was each piece labeled in their own little pocket. It was way neat. I was mesmerized. I just sat there and looked at it, took a picture of it (to saw Mr. Man later when he gets home), and stared at it some more. My mind was saying, "Wow, you know you spent a lot of money on these sheets when it looks like this." and "Wow, you know it's great quality when it looks perfect in the packaging and you just do not want to take it out." I finally took it out!

Once I got it all upstairs, I realized that I should probably wait until Mr. Man gets home because of the skirt. I figured I would not be able to put it on just perfect, and me with my perfectness with things like this is something that will bother me for decades if it is not fixed. I decided to just give it a shot anyway. I was way excited, could not contain the excitement or the adrenaline rush (ha!). The adrenaline probably provided the strength to pick up the top mattress by myself and lean it off to the side, so I could put the skirt on. I put the skirt on and stared at it in amazement. (I know, a lot of staring going on!) I put the mattress back on top of it and grabbed the sheets. AHHHHH, they were so soft and cuddly. I could have just laid up in a ball with those sheets in my hand and have been completely happy and comfortable, but I did not. I put them on the bed. I tucked them all in nice and neat. I even put the comforter on. Way to hot for a comfortable, but I had to! I still left our little blanket out for us tonight, but my comforter will stay in place until we go to bed. I put the decorative pillows on the bed and the regular ones and stared at it in amazement, again! 

I came back to the computer and emailed Mr. Man exactly what I just did and how I loved it. I can not wait for him to see it and feel it. I think he will think he is in heaven or camped out on a cloud. I bet our sleep will be a deep and peaceful sleep tonight!

P.S.-- No, I did not wash the sheets before I put them on the bed. Shame on me. I know that is horrible, and I normally do it with everything (other paranoid-ness for me). But I thought about how sometimes I buy new clothes, and I just want to wear them right then and there. It could not be much different, right? So the sheets are on my bed unironed and unwashed! But they are still heavenly!


  1. Super cute bedding!! I love bedding. I used to design it and it was seriously my favorite thing to do. Especially pillows. I love pillows! Thanks for the welcome! My name is Debbi, my hubby is military too! It's nice to meet you!

  2. Love the bed set! We are doing our room in blues, tan and browns also - just so relaxing :)

  3. Hi there! New follower here. Just thought I would stop by and leave some love! I'm an *almost* Marine wife (in 5 days!) and I've seen you comment on other people's blogs so I figured I would follow! =) Feel free to check out my blog. I can't wait to read more about you!

    P.S. I absolutely love the bedding! I was thinking about those colors for our bedroom too.

  4. The bed set is beautiful! Great buy! Im a new follower, fellow milspouse, and pretty new to the blogging world.

    P.S.... I love pumpkin spice and Harry Potter too! =)

  5. New Follower! Great blog!

  6. Another new follower. Fellow Air Force Wife!


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