Monday, July 12, 2010

Rant, Rant, Rant, Rant

Yep, that's right 4 rants. I guess I am catching up from never ranting! 

Rant #1:
Our base right now is currently in the middle of an exercise. For those of you that do not speak military, an exercise is where they play "deployment" right at their home station. We are doing that. The reasons it sucks is 1.) Mr. Man is on mids (nights). Since I am a stay-at-home wife (and full-time student), I try to keep up with his schedule. Mostly because he works in a shop that does not get lunches; therefore, I feel it is my responsibility (as a stay-at-home wife) to supply him with proper nutrition for his shifts. Of course, we all know when they deploy, they work 12 hour shifts. Mr. Man does not get a lunch, so I send him off with lots of food. He is working 6pm to 6am, which this is my first time experiencing it. I'm sure it will not be the last, but so far it sucks. It only sucks because I am making more than one change. 2.) What is the point of a pretend deployment when Mr. Man just got back off of a deployment (as many others). Seriously, like they do not know what to do when they deploy?! 3.) We can not work out together. He is now working out at about 7am. Sorry, but I am not a morning bird, especially when staying up until 3am or so. Oh, and I go to bed before he gets off so I can be awake for a few hours that stores and places are actually open on base.  But thankfully, there is a good side to this... it's only for 2 weeks as of right now. It will be for 2 weeks per month until October-ish, I think.

Rant #2:
Ok, I know I have reserved Friday's for the whole weekly fitness stuff, but I can not help but go ahead and rant about this. I hate when people go to the gym, sit on a machine, and watch TV. Seriously, this one dude today came in the gym got on the Lat Pulldown thingy and watched TV. It is the closest machine to one of the TV's. I needed that machine at one point in my workout. I swear this dude did 20 sets on this just so he could watch TV. His resting time between each set was about 10 minutes. No kidding. I can not stand when people do that! It is the most frustrating thing EVER!

Rant #3:
Ok, ok.. another fitness one, but it kind of goes with #1. I mentioned that there was more than one change happening this week. Another one is my diet and workouts. I am getting ready for pictures, and I am on a low carb, high protein diet. My diet strictly consists of veggies, boiled eggs (minus yolks), fish (like tuna, flounder, tilapia), flank steak, and boiled/baked chicken breasts. I have to eat every 2-3 hours in order to keep enough energy flowing through my body. It is hard when your schedule is changing as well. Quite frustrating actually.

Rant #4:
I really dislike when others try to pretend they know my life or my body just as much or more than I do. It seriously is annoying. It makes me want to slap someone in their face. Sorry for getting slightly violent here, and I would never slap someone in their face obviously. This is metaphorically speaking. It does make me really want to grab them, shake them, and open their eyes up to their own reality of life instead of focusing on mine. I just can not believe that some people really have the nerves to be all up in my grill like that. And I am not talking fitness, although that is another one that bothers me, which comes from the same people. I am talking about average everyday things about my life and body. This is how I feel about it 1.) My life is my life. 2.) The things that I do in my life or with my body is not for everyone, and that is ok. 3.) Do I run around bashing your dreams and thoughts on life? No, I respect them, so please do so for me, too. 4.) Get a hold of your own life and stop judging me for mine.

So as I go back and think of these little rants, I laugh. I laugh because Rant #1 means I am lucky. Why? Because Mr. Man is here "pretending" instead of actually being deployed. Rant #2, that is the way people are in the gym. I'll have to get over it. Rant #3, I do it to myself. I could stop at any point, so why in the world am I complaining? Rant #4, I have come to realize that some people wish upon stars.

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  1. I feel ya on the exercises! Mr. Superman being Line D, they don't get breaks or lunches/dinners. Man oh man that diet sounds fabulous! I am working on getting lots of boiled eggs, tuna, and oatmeal right now.

  2. I am a new follower from Meet & Greet Monday!

  3. I love that you ranted and then turned around to the positives. Good for you!

    I hope you can participate in the contest I'm hosting!


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