Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shopping Around:

I love to shop. I am constantly shopping, whether it is online or in person. Seriously, it could be shopping for some cute summer clothes, dressy formal wear for upcoming events, or even home decor. Recently, I mentioned about us buying new sofas for our living room. (Speaking of, they are due to arrive in the beginning of August! Almost there!) 

I have been thinking a lot about new house furniture and such. I always seem to want to upgrade, and I love to shop in advance. One of these things I have been thinking about is a new bedroom vanity. I have a  vanity. It is an antique vanity that Mr. Man bought me one year for Christmas. I am obsessed with it. It's like my security. I love my makeup and my hair supplies, so my vanity has been a lifesaver. I have been thinking about when we have kids, what would I do with it because it's so huge. Obviously, this would be if we were still in this house. This house is so small, and I would be afraid I would need to get something smaller. But the benefits would be to get something much more modern and elegant. As these thoughts crossed my mind, I decided to dig around and see if I could find anything that I would like.

I came across an awesome website that seriously has every type, color, and style. I am seriously in love. You should check it out! I found a few that I am absolutely in love with and would buy in a split second with no regrets. One of them is this cherry wood vanity. I love it because of the fact that 1.) it matches my bedroom furniture 2.) it is really elegant and dressy 3.) it would hold my makeup and hair stuff perfectly and 4.) the mirror. The mirror is seriously to die for. I personally find that it is affordable, too, so of course that is a plus! Ahhh, I want it! I want it like right now!

This one seriously has me dreaming about a perfect princess palace bedroom. It is this white, elegant vanity. Isn't it so pretty and elegant? Like seriously, it is only a day dreaming vanity, but it is gorgeous. I look at it and think of a young girly teen and can picture a white jewelry/trinket box sitting on top of it. You know the trinket boxes that plays music when you open it up. Yea, that is what I picture when I look at that vanity. I could totally see a young girl's ballet slippers hanging from the side of it. It would be amazing for my own perfect little princess (if I could afford it, haha! and if I had a "little princess" in the first place). 

Do you see what I use a lot of my time doing? Shopping... shopping for things I really do not need. One day I may need it, but right now, not so much. 
So do you have a vanity? If not, do you want one?

I never really thought about a vanity until we moved into our first house. When I decided I wanted a vanity, I wanted it right then and there. It has seriously been a lifesaver for me (and Mr. Man) in the mornings. I spend a lot of time at it. Probably more than I should. It is definitely one of my favorite pieces of furniture in my house, and I would hate to ever have to part with it!


  1. speaking of spending money..I got your check! sending your avon tomorrow!

  2. I just bought one almost exactly like the white one that I am about to refinish in white. I found it at an antique auction for $75 in perfect condition. If I ever finally open my etsy store and you ever move back to the states and need a vanity let me know and I can custom finish one for a fraction of that website's price!

  3. Girl I am so with you! I am OBSESSED with online shopping or more like online window shopping. I love the white vanity!

  4. Love the white vanity! I would want it in a differnt finish, but love the style!

  5. Wow, both of those vanities are gorgeous! I think the white one is my favorite. :)


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