Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday, Hey Hey!

This week has been an awesome week so far. I have had the opportunity to change so many things in my life, and always for the better. Mr. Man is still on nights, nothing has changed about that, but we are such happy people. Today I actually told him that I think we are happier as a family with him on night shifts. And it's true. He works swings as his regular shift, which is 4pm to midnight. With this exercise he is working 12s and nights, which is 6pm to 6am. We both have grown to LOVE it. I think he would like it more if he did not have to deal with the mess of it being an exercise, but overall we are happier people. Who said you need the rays from the sun to be happy?!

You know when you feel out random survey's about yourself, whether it is in magazines or online, and it asks if you are a night or morning person? Well, until this week, I never knew the answer. I always knew I was not a morning person, but I could never stay up past 11pm or midnight for the life of me to know if I was a night person. Now I know! I'm totally a night owl! I LOVE IT! I love the peace and quite. I love walking outside hearing absolutely nothing, even though it is dark. I love sitting outside, looking into the sky, and just thinking about life. I love walking out to my car in my robe with nothing on underneath it knowing that no one is going to see me. I love being able to do my schoolwork without kids screaming at the top of their lungs in the background. Seriously, I love, love, love it. I could go on and on with the things I love about being a night owl. The true only downside to the whole nights thing is that our weekends are screwed up. We are so use to using that time to travel around England and taking our baby boy for walks, so that is a bummer! But other than that, our weeks are grand!

I can not wait until Friday to tell you what else has changed in my life! I know I mentioned the diet and the workout routine, but wait until I tell you my new brand new decision on my whole fitness "career." I am so psyched about it. Seriously, I want to say right now. Let it all out,  but I can not because I refuse to let this blog turn into an "All about me and my fitness" blog!! Hopefully all my followers will be just as excited as me and will continue to be such great inspiring, motivating, and encouraging commenters! WaaaaaHoooo!


  1. Cute new layout! I love reading your fitness tips! You keep me motivated from oceans away! Can't wait to read Friday.

  2. Good for you guys!! Mr. Superman is on swings too and we hated it at first but now like it. I work nights too so usually we're up until about 1 AM then sleep until 11 AM then have a few hours together before he's gotta go to work. Fun!


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