Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nail Polish Rocks! (And My Secret)

I thought I would share my 5 nail polishes colors that I wore a lot this summer. I know for most of you the flip-flop season is still going strong. For me, not so much. It is so off and on, but I thought I would go ahead and show me my favorite colors that I got tons of compliments on and I loved on myself. Hopefully your summer is still hanging around, so you can try out this colors if you wish!

I am talking about the colors and not the brand. Some of the brands are the actual nail polish that I used, but I could not find all of them in the brand I have, so I thought I would just give you an idea of what color I am talking about.

Also, majority of these were worn on my toes, but I bet they would look good on fingers, too!

1. Tangerine- I wore this on my toes. To me, it is a fairly neutral color. I was able to were it for a couple of weeks without feeling like it clashed with anything I wore. It is a nice color for a beach day or a BBQ. I am not a bright orange person, but this color is totally a color for me.
(Pictures: Nars Adelita and Nars Cha Cha Cha)

2. Blood Red- Who doesn't like blood red? I'm not a fan of this on my fingers although I did wear it for a couple of weeks this summer on my fingers. I prefer this color on my toes. It seems to compliment any skin complexion. This color will always be one of my favorites.
  (Picture: Essie Red Nouveau)

3. Fuchsia- This was a new one for me this summer. I wore it on my toes only. I am not brave enough to wear it on my fingers, but I loved this color. It was bold and bright, but still classy.
(Picture: Essie Perky Purple)

4. Blue- This was definitely big time favorite this summer. Another one of those that I would only wear on my toes, but I seriously loved the boldness of it. Blue is such a nice neutral color, too.
(Picture: Butter Artful Dodger)

5. Light Purple- This was my first time ever attempting a color like this, and I actually wore it on my fingers. I got so many compliments on it from a variety of people. It made my skin appear darker than normal, which I need since I have such light skin. Seriously, this is one of my colors. It just naturally looked good on me and boost the glow in my skin. I find it to be a neutral color for any outfit, too. I actually wore this color for over 4 weeks. That's how much I loved it.
 (Picture: OPI Hawaiian Orchid)

My secret:
My secret is do NOT get any sleep one night out of the week. Just run off of about 3 hours or less, and you will accomplish everything, seriously. Remember the blog "No Sleep = Long Day"? Well that long day got much accomplished. I seriously cooked (like normal), did double the cardio and added in some abs to my workout, and finished all my school work for the week, which included a test, two essays, and some homework problems for my math class. Seriously, that is the secret! I do not know how I managed, but I did. I never once got tired. I never once threw a fit and wanted to just sleep. I actually had a hard time falling asleep that night because I felt wide awake (probably wired from lack of sleep), but somehow I was so functional. I got a normal sleep for this whole 12 hour night shift and am still going like a champ today.


  1. Love the colors! I'm almost positive I have the last color (Hawaiian Orchid) in my collection too!

  2. Awesome colors! Your choice of colors is match with my choice. Thanks for such adorable post. I like the theme of your post.

  3. Love all those colors. I'm all about interesting colors on toe nails. It seems like you can get away with so much more down there. :)

  4. My favorite colors are dark blood reds with sparkle in them! Although occasionally I put a deep dark metallic blue on my toes. I have really olive skin and pastels just look horrible I think! A few summers ago I used a lot of bright sparkly orange on my toes!


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