Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blog Awards:

A couple of weeks back I received a blog award titled "One Lovely Blogger!" It was giving to me by Flip Flops and Combat Boots! Thanks so much Nicole for giving me this award!

The rules are easy. To accept, I need to share 7 things about myself and pass the award onto 9 other lovely blogs.

7 things about me are:
  • I have been collecting Disney movies since I was in high school. I knew one day I wanted a family, and when that day came, I wanted to have a nice collection for my children. 
  • I am obsessed with candles and other smell goods. My scents are Cinnamon and Bayberry, Lemon Lavender, Apple Cinnamon, Pumpkin Spice, and French Vanilla. My candles are always lit in my house, especially on Sundays. The add a sense of relaxation and peacefulness to our home. Mr. Man adores candles, too, so it works out. 
  • My favorite style of food is Chinese. If you have not already figured that out, then I am putting it in plain writing for you to read. When I decide to treat myself to something yummy, forget chocolate, cheesecake, cupcakes, or brownies... I want Chinese food!
  • I have never fully completed a TV series. I get bored with them and sometimes I feel they just run in a circle. Although I still watch them while Mr. Man is away. They help pass the time.
  • I am a Harry Potter fan. I love it way more than Twilight. My hype for Twilight has been way, way, way down, but my love for Harry Potter has remained enormous from the beginning.
  • I have a purse and shoe addiction. I spend more money on these items than anything else. Although kitchen gadgets do make a close run with them.
  • I am not much of a chocolate lover. I will choose cheesecake, something fruity, and vanilla ice cream over anything chocolate. My favorite cake is lemon! Cadbury's chocolate is pretty awesome, and Belgium hot chocolate is by far the very best!
Since I have seen this blog make its rounds within my blog friends, I will not be passing this one on. But if you haven't (k'8iuj <--  Mr. Man says to leave his mark.. It adds character.) received this yet, please take it for yourself because you all deserve it!

The next wonderful blog award I won is called "You're going places, Baby!" It was giving to me from Stetsons, Spurs, and Stilettos. Thanks, girl, for this wonderful award!
 The rules for this award is to describe where you see yourself in 10 years and pass it on to 10 other bloggers.
Describe where I see myself in 10 years.
In 10 years, I will be 32. That will still be very young. By then, I hope to have a solid career. Something that is satisfying and indulging while still being an Air Force wife. I hope to have a few children running around the house. At 32, I hope I am not done having kids, but I guess that is something I will have to wait out and see for myself. I hope to still be enjoying life and traveling as much as possible. I love to travel, and I hope to never have to give it up. I hope to have traveled to at least 5 different countries by then, and 5 other states from the ones I have already been to. By that time, we will have began planning for Mr. Man's retirement. Hopefully, we will have already discussed our life after the military, where we will be, and have started working on building our home. Hopefully, this will all consist of being in good ole Louisiana with a pond on the property, a swimming pool, a couple of large outside dogs, along with kids running around, and fun animals with lots of property. I do not have big hopes and dreams, now do I? I hope my healthy and fitness is still on as far as eating and excerising (I am sure my hips will have spread by then). That is about it. I want a simple life similar to what I have now, just with a little extras.

Now, I will not pass this to 10 people because I believe in passing them to who truly deserves them. 

Mrs. S @ The Adventures of Mr. Superman and Mrs. S- She is simply amazing, writes wonderfully, and has many similarities to me. 
L.C. @ Faith & Deployments- I am just now getting to know this wonderful girl and blog, but I look forward to reading more. She is a wonderful person with a good outlook on life. She is also Air Force and currently going through a deployment.

Emily @ Longley's in San Diego- This girl totally has a piece of my heart because she is always posting such yummy recipes! 

Rambling Military Wife- She really does ramble, but it all such great rambles. I enjoy reading her blog and getting to know her. You should check her out, too! 

Lauren @ That 22 year old Housewife- Lauren is an amazing person. She is also 22 (like me)! She hosts a blog  hop on Friday's that are called "Friendship Friday." It's about finding blog friends, not about "following for the numbers." Next week, I will be featured in this blog hop, so be sure to check it and her out!


  1. Gah! I am so with you on Disney movies. LOVE! And candles. Most of the scents are to die for.

    Thank you!! I just got this the other day but haven't posted it so now I get to say I got it from you too!

  2. Aww thanks!!! I will post about it soon! Gosh in 10 years I'll be 36! I don't wanna think about that! lol I love me some lemon cake too...lemon frosting...YUMM!!!

  3. THANK YOU! Hey! I'm 22 too!!!! :) and I am the same on HP versus the vampires :)

  4. That Kindred Spirit stuff strikes again! I love candles (and wax melts), and have them on all the time...have a way-too-extensive shoe Disney movies (are you a member of the (I think that's what it's called) club? You get points for the DVDs you already own, and can go shopping w/ the points for more movies! Hmm...let's see, what else was there that I totally related to...oh yeah! Total Harry Potter fan (DH and I were just listening to the Half Blood Prince on CD (again) while we were on vacation this past week)...and I also am not addicted to chocolate. It's ok, but give me something salty instead! Hope you're having a great Monday so far!

  5. Congratulations! Your awards shows how much you're valued and appreciated here in blogsville. You always have interesting blog posts up.


  6. ok first things first.... i love the bed set!!!I saw it on my google reader and came here to check out when i saw that my name was on your post as well!!!! SO im shocked and flattered!!!! Thank you o so much ... and i look forward to having you on my blog on friday!!!Second (or third) I am the same way with TV shows... the only ones i have ever stuck with are sex and the city and friends... other then that im a reality show junkie so ill pretty much watch any (as my honey calls it) Trash TV. ha ha

    Have a wonderful week!!! See you friday



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