Saturday, August 28, 2010

That 22 year old Housewife (Guest Post)

Here is the guest post from Lauren at That 22 year old Housewife. She just recently celebrated her 23rd birthday, so show her some birthday love. She shared with us 23 things that she never thought she would be at this age. This is very interesting and inspiring. I hope you enjoy, and be sure to go show her blog some love. Much thanks to you Lauren for this!

Well it's official... this 22 yr old housewife is officially 23 as of Thursday the 26th!!! First, here are a few things I never thought I'd being doing at the young ripe age of 23 and yet couldn't be happier doing them :0) 

SO here it goes my 23 things I never thought I'd being doing at 23!
  1. Give up my shoe collection and designer bags for diaper bags and rain boots.
  2. Be super excited when Nickelodeon's Story Time or Disney On Ice comes in town and less excited when Rhianna, Britney Spears, or any other artist I used to love comes to concert.
  3. Pick Disney World as my number 1 choice for vacation (with or without the kids)
  4. Have more fun shopping at Gymboree and Baby Gap than t Express, BCBG or BEBE.
  5. Planning parties with juice pouches - watermelon and strawberry lemonade as opposed to planning parties with strawberry margaritas and watermelon Jello shots.
  6. Explain (lie) to my 5 year-old what Lady Gaga means when she talks about riding on a disco stick.
  7. Be a blog-aholic. I always wondered who had time for this and why they would want to do it! lol Now i know ;0)
  8. Sweep up cheerios 6 times a day (at least)
  9. Have a 35 sq ft play yard set up in my living room.
  10. Have a whale-themed bathroom in my house.
  11. Have Up, Cars, Beauty and the beast on blu ray
  12. Call my girlfriends not to talk about boys or clothes but to talk about what color my daughter's boogies were that day, and find out how their child's ear infection is going.
  13. Walk around anywhere public with spit up down my back not knowing until my honey gets home and asks, "Hey whats that down your back?"
  14. Exchanges my business clothes, pencil skirts, high heels and skinny jeans for yoga pants and tank tops. (These make chasing around a baby much easier.)
  15. Ask myself when the last time I showered was... and have a tough time remembering. (But remember that I have given a "little" someone else 3 baths that day!)
  16. Be able to change a diaper, while wrestling my 11 month old and help my son with his transformer.
  17. Be completely out of the loop when it comes to the Bachelorette and Desperate housewives but know exactly whats up with Handy Mandy and Olivia
  18. Find myself Humming the Handy Manny song throughout the day
  19. Find Fruit snacks, gerber peach puffs, pacifiers, popcorn etc in my couch, bed, purse, car etc.
  20. or also find some of these things in my shirt, bra and hair at the end of the day...
  21. Know how to make "under the sea" mac and cheese with octopus hot dogs and gold fish
  22. Have an amazing boyfriend that I know I cannot live without. He is my strength, my heart and completes my soul.
  23. Have 2 amazing, beautiful children that I couldn't imagine my life without.
Thank you for reading my guest post! I hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Life sure likes to see what it can do to surprise us huh? Great post!


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