Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Macy's (with some excitement) (with a surprise!)

Have I mentioned that Macy's is flippin' awesome! Seriously, I spent less than $20 and got a crazy amount of adorable things! All together I purchased 1 cardigan, 1 skirt, 1 tank top, and 4 cute, cute, cute dresses! 

Here's the deal. I did cheat. I wear Junior's for one thing. For another, I searched around the net for some online vouchers, and I shopped the clearance. Then I realized that they were doing the if you spend $50 on Junior's clothing, you get free shipping. Needless to say, I went over the $50 (which was how much my vouchers were for) so I could get the free shipping. Either way, I would have either paid $15 for shipping with only 5 items, or less than $20 with free shipping with 7 items. I'm going with the 7 items for $20. 

I am way beyond excited! I can not wait to get them in. Even Mr. Man thought they were 100% adorable! I can not believe they actually had my size in the clearance area. That is a complete shocker. 

I told you guys I am a shopaholic... :) 

So the bedsheets that I got in yesterday. We slept on them last night. I slept like a baby. I did not once wake up in the middle of my sleep. I normally do wake up 2 or 3 times in the night to use the bathroom or whatever, but nothing last night! I was so comfortable! Even our baby boy loved them. He snuggled up to the extra soft spots. It was way cute. He even crawled back in bed after I woke up and started moving around. He never does that! 

More exciting news. Mr. Man is not participating in the next exercise! Only because he will be going TDY for 2 and a half weeks, which is in the middle of the exercise. I'm not complaining. I will not have to mess my schedule up again! Works for me. I will be starting my next term, which I am doubling up on again. I will have my hands full with that, so it works out. The next exciting thing is..... it's official! We are going to Ireland over the Thanksgiving holidays. I know Mr. Man got approved a couple of weeks ago, and I mentioned it. But this time it is in the books (not on AF terms, but on supervisor/shop terms). I am way excited. More than ever, actually! I booked our flights today! YAY! 

For the surprise!
My giveaway ends July 31st, so for my new readers (and not so new readers), I am not giving 3 extra entries to anyone that posts about my giveaway! For each time you blog about it (until the 31st), you get 3 extra entries. Be sure to go to the original post and put that you blogged about it, the date, and where I can find the post. And for those of you new readers (and not so new readers) that have not had the opportunity to ask me questions, if you do so, you will get 2 extra entries for doing so. For those of you that already asked me questions, I will give each of you your extra entries for being so sweet and doing it! I really, really want to answer the questions that have been asked before, so give me some more so I can actually have a full post on it!


Don't forget that I told you guys if I have 170 readers by August, I will giveaway some goodies from here, England! I am currently at 162, so just a few more to go! If we reach it, in September I will host that giveaway!

Tuesday Tag-Along


  1. I too get to cheat because I also wear Juniors. Nothing else fits me! I'm VERY jealous of your sneaky deals on all those great items. I'm sure your hubby is proud that you are a good shopper!

  2. Whoa! Overload on all the happy news here. LOVE the bed sheets you went w/ btw. I think they are gorgeous. Glad they're comfy too :-) SO happy for you heading to Ireland. Once again...jealous...so make sure you take lots of pics for me :-) Excited that the follower count is nearing the 170 mark!!! Lastly, um, hello! Do share where you got the voucher for Macys and how it worked! Off to check out their deals right now. I'm in need (not really, but I think I am) of some super cute sundresses. Happy Tuesday Mrs. Ma'am!

  3. Yay that your hubby does not have to do the exercise! Those things seem to happen ALL the time! So lucky that you get to go to Ireland, it is my dream to go someday! :)

  4. Woohoo for Ireland! I hope you see lots of redheads.

  5. Yay for Ireland and not doing the exercise! Poor hubby of mine is stuck doing two for Deployment prep and he isn't even deploying! Ha ha so exciting for you guys though!

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