Monday, April 25, 2011


On Saturday, we went to Bury St. Edmunds to the Abbey Gardens to have some family time before Mr. Man went back to work. We took Mr. Buttons with us, too. We had a little picnic and laid around in the grass. My Mom bought Baby A this adorable outfit, so I thought I would let her wear it so she would have a cute hat to protect her head. She was so adorable and everyone loved her! We had so many people come up to us and tell us how small she was and ask how old she was. There was even this cute little boy that was amazed by her. He was about 8 or 9, and he asked us so many questions about her. I've never seen a little boy be so interested in a little baby! It was nice to be out with her and Mr. Man and of course Mr. Buttons before Mr. Man went back to work. We enjoyed ourselves and got a little sun.

Mr. Man went back to work today, and the day is going very well. I just feed her and in between feedings I clean up the house. She is such an independent, laid back baby. She loves her alone time just like her Mommy. And she loves to sleep! I think tomorrow I may attempt an outing just the two of us for groceries. Wish us luck!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Easter!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Two Week:

Today we had Baby A's two week appointment with the pediatrician. Yes, it has been that long since I have written a blog post, and I do apologize. Things have been busy with family here, but now things are settling back down, so I thought I would begin updating the blog on everything that is going on or has gone on.

Today at the appointment, Baby A weighed in at 6lbs 15oz. She gained her birth weight back plus another ounce. She measured 19 and 3/4 inches long, which means she grew about 3/4inch since her birthday. Breastfeeding is going great. In the hospital she latched on like a pro and I knew we would have no worries with nipple confusing, so we immediately introduced her to pacifiers as a way to soothe her while my boobs got some breaks in between feedings. I definitely do not regret it at all! It has worked for us. I also started pumping, but I am not too consistent with the amount that I get from pumping, which she is in the middle of a growth spurt so that may be why. Soon we will introduce her to a bottle because I will have to do some things for school. School went great while I was in the hospital. Baby A could not have picked a better time to make her arrival because I never once missed an assignment. I passed the class with a 98/A and already on to another class.

So far, that is what I have to share with you all. Here's a picture of today's doctor's appointment.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Introducing Baby A:

Baby A arrived on April 5, 2011. 
Weight: 6lbs 14oz
Length: 19 inches