Thursday, July 15, 2010

Today is...

Hello Kind Followers!

Guess what today is? My Birthday! Seriously, I forgot that my birthday was today. It was not until 3pm my time that I realized today was not just Thursday, not just July 15, but my birthday!! Does this mean I really am getting old?!

This is how it all took place. This morning I woke up like a normal day. Made sure the meat for dinner was defrosted so I could cook our dinners before Mr. Man left for work. I started cooking breakfast, sat down with some water, and turned on the computer. I always turn on the computer in the morning, but I never actually get on the computer or check anything on it until everything is done around the house first. 

I eat breakfast. I start dinner. I relax a little. Finally it is time for my email. I go to my email, and I (of course!) have some lovely comments from you all. I check those. I reply to those. I then realize that I have about 60 messages/comments on Facebook. Mr. Man and I share one Facebook, and I only get on it if I get a notification in my email saying that someone said something. And majority of the time Mr. Man has beat me to it anyway, so I normally just delete those and forget about them. But there was too many to just forget about them. I immediately run to Facebook and look at our page. This is when I realize it's my birthday! (Thank Goodness for Facebook, right?) I had 60 comments on my page from people telling me Happy Birthday. 

Mr. Man is sitting on the other computer, the laptop, and here is our conversation from here on out.
Mrs. Ma'am: "Hey Baby..."
Mr. Man: "Yes."
Mrs. Ma'am: "Today's my birthday. Facebook reminded me."
Mr. Man: Looks at calendar on computer.. "Oh crap, it is! Happy Birthday! Glad you said something because I forgot!"
Mrs. Ma'am: "Don't worry, I did, too. Look at all the FB comments, the voicemails, and the text messages!"
Mr. Man: "Oh wow, thank God for Facebook!"
We both LoL!!

Mr. Man felt horrible for forgetting, but I just laughed about it because we both have so much going on. We are here, there, and everywhere every single day, especially for the past 2 or so weeks. I was able to share it with some close friends. They bought me some yummy Smart Ones cookie type cake things that do not fit in my diet, but I couldn't not have one on my birthday! And at least they were healthier than an everyday cake or cupcake, right?! I ate one, and it was yummy! My friends here are the best! I even got birthday presents. At 22, and I am still getting birthday presents. I seriously do not know how I will function once all my friends PCS from here. I will be so devastated!

Anyway, to top this excitement all off, I share my wonderful birthday with my "little, big" brother. I call him my "little, big" brother because he is exactly 5 years younger than me, but has outgrown me by a lot! When he was about to be born, I begged for a little sister that I could name "Jill" and play dress up with. Well, my brother has fit all those categories except the name part. He still let me dress him up, actually up until I left home. He's such a trooper. We are so close, and he has a BIG personality in a little way. I have so many memories with him.

One of which I am going to share as my "Favorite Summer Memory" for the giveaway by Confession's of a Sailor's Wife. Please check out her blog, and please let her know that Mrs. Ma'am (that's me!) from My Life as an Air Force Wife sent you!

The memory:
Obviously, one of the memories is the day he was born. I spent my 5th birthday welcoming my little baby brother into this world. Normally, not an ideal place to celebrate a 5th birthday party.. a hospital, but it was the best thing that has ever happened to me. 

Majority of our birthday parties were spent together at my Mawmaw's pool soaking up the sun and splashing around with our friends. Majority of the time, my little brother's friends would not be able to make it because he went to school in town, which meant his friends would have to drive to our house to celebrate his birthday and it was hard for most families. I always shared my friends with him. I always felt so bad that his friends would not come that I would ask Mom if we could have a slumber party, so I could share my friends with my brother. My brother new all my friends and played with them, too. He never really understood or cared that his friends weren't there. So the couple of friends that he would have show up and my 7 or 8 friends would all spend the night at my house. We would allow the few boys to play with us girls and we always had a blast. Of course, the boys would always fall asleep way before the girls because we were so much older. 

There was this one time where my Dad convinced us to play hide and seek in the dark outside. We lived on a large amount of land and we had boundaries because we didn't want some of the kids going into the horse pens or where either of the ponds where, so we played in this HUGE pasture on the other side. I would always hide with my brother. We made such a good time. We would constantly giggle and still no one found us. We are so close and have such a great bond. It's amazing the type of relationship we have as a boy/girl, brother/sister, and 5 years apart, especially when my older sister is only 3 years older than me. I will never forget that particular slumber party, ever. When we ran around, standing like toothpicks one behind another behind some really small trees. Those were good times!

I actually told him for his 25th and my 30th birthday, we should have another pool party at Mawmaw's to bring back the old times! It would be a blast.

Last year, I missed him dearly. I was beginning to realize with me way over here, I would not be able to celebrate our birthdays together anymore, so I asked for one last time. Him and my Mom came up and this is what we did!

 Mr. Man shared the memories with us, and my Mom took the photos! It was such a blast! 


  1. omg i cant believe you forgot your own birthday!!!! happy birthday girlie!

  2. Happy birthday, I can't believe you forgot I'm like a little kid counting down to the day! Dont know how long that will last though as I get older haha

  3. Well Happy Birthday!! haha I count down too! I think my hubby actually bought me a birthday present a month to the day before my last birthday lol!

  4. Well now, happy birthday!!! Hope it's a great one! I think it counts as your birthday until tomorrow afternoon since we should all get 24 hours of birthday. :)

  5. HAPPYY BIRTHDDAAYYYYYY!!! Sorry I didn't see this post until a day late, but I hope you had a great one :-)


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