Friday, July 16, 2010

Fitness Friday:

Guess what?! It's Friday!

The day I have been patiently waiting for to tell you my new goals within my fitness "career." I am way stoked, and I hope I can inspire and motivate you!

I started a new diet this week to prepare for some pictures I plan to do at the end of August or beginning of September. I do them to help promote because they will send us free products. They are ever so fabulous to us and our steep supplement bill, so I try to give back. Obviously, this is a win-win situation for me personally and them. I have been wanting to begin progression pictures for a long time, but I can not just take pictures of myself. Now, I have a tripod and a camera, but I still like to have Mr. Man around. Now he is around, so I plan on being this. No if's, and's, or but's about it.

My diet consists of egg whites, hard-boiled eggs (no yolks), oatmeal, veggie tortillas, cottage cheese, yogurt, fruit, flank steak, chicken breasts, fish, and lots and lots of vegetables. I am not going on Day 5. I started it on Monday.

On Monday, Mr. Man started talking to me about where I want to go with all this working out. In the beginning, this was the end for me. I never had dreams to become a fitness model, get my pro-card, compete, or become a bodybuilder. Mostly, because I am ready to settle down and start a family. Right before he deployed, I got down to the size I wanted to be with decent muscle for my size, with great definition. Nothing over the top. Just plain and simple, healthy. I originally planned on just maintaining it. Every few months I planned to go on a strict diet to lose the excess water weight and bloatness and then go back to normal. 

I have been doing this for a while now. Maintaining it is easy for me. I decided to do pictures for myself with Mr. Man to have proof of our hardwork and dedication before I get pregnant. This is what it was all about. 

Then on Monday, Mr. Man and I were discussing the future. What we thought it had in store for us. Truthfully, we have no idea what will be tossed our way, and we do not care to try and figure it out. But I do hope that someday, someday soon, I can make the announce that I pregnant. A year or two done the road, another announcement of another pregnancy, and we can continue to build our family. Mr. Man asked me about fitness. I am been playing with the idea of getting certified to be a personal trainer, but I believe that my career for Elementary Education is much more important, so I have not done that. I help friends for fun, I lend advice, and I obviously have a passion for it.

As Mr. Man and I begin talking about when we began, where we were at, and who was in our lives. I realized that majority of the people that have been into fitness (like me) has either become a professional and famous or got their pro-card or are working towards it. This is not just one or two people, it's a good handful.

When we were stationed in Texas, I met a girl. Her name is Monique. Her husband and Mr. Man worked together. They were cool. Guess what? She's gone pro. She is in every Flex, fitness, etc. magazine out there and at #1 at that. 

When I moved to England, I met some awesome people here as well. On Monday, Mr. Man and I were looking at pictures of our friends. I came to realize that every single one of them compete, every single one of them have their pro-card or very close to getting it. Almost all of them are personal trainers, some with other careers as well. All with banging bodies that I would have never guessed that they had. (I will not say names on these for their own privacy.) Two of the five are females.

One of the two females did it through 2 pregnancies. Not just one, but two. One of which I was able to witness. This is where I realized that it can be done as long as you know what you are doing and taking the right precautions and such. I sat back and reflected on this and thought about how I had changed supplements, started taking prenatals, and began a strict diet. All of which was already setting me up to be successful if I 1.) got pregnant and 2.) decided to push farther.

For me it was to decide this is it, or to go farther. After realizing all these things, I decided that maybe it was time for me to jump on the bandwagon as well. Most of these fitness  people had been working out for double to time as me (6 years or more) and in their late 30s. 6 years from now, not including the past 3 years, I will be 28. Still younger than any of them and not even including the almost 3 years under my belt. So, I have decided to jump on the bandwagon.

The bandwagon of pushing farther for myself, not to compete, not to become a fitness model, not to be a personal trainer, not to become a bodybuilding, not even to get my pro-card. At least not right now. I currently have the numbers to compete, but I want to see it. So, this is where I will begin. This diet is a great setup for reaching this goal. I have high hopes of achieving it.

I will now never say never because you never really know. Maybe someday I will make it a career? Maybe some day I will want to compete? Who knows, but now.. it's just reaching that goal to do it if I want to do it. Doing it for myself. 

I am now working on doing a Fitness Diary. One of which, I would like to document my journey. This is one thing I wish I would have done earlier in the very beginning, but it is never to late to start it up. I like it because it holds me accountable. I do not want to let myself down or anyone else down; therefore, I do not cheat and I do not slack. I have started taking pictures of all my meals. I plan to begin taking progression pictures, and I hope to get some footage of my in the gym once me and Mr. Man can work out together again. All because this will hold me accountable for my actions. Plus, I will get to look back and see how far I have come.

Here's a little insight of my diet the past week.
An example of my breakfast. Veggie tortilla wrap, tomatoes, spinach, and 3 egg whites. Brownie Batter protein shake. Prenatals and B-Complex.

Pre-workout includes half a banana and a Quake shake. (No picture)

This is an example of a post workout meal. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough protein shake.

Dinner- Boiled chicken breast, 3 hard boiled egg whites, stir fry veggies, and a mixed salad with little Italian dressing and water.

My dessert- 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and clementine oranges. This is also an example of a day time snack and in between meal refuelers.


  1. Looking forward to following your journey!! :)

  2. Looks so delicious recipe. Hope you enjoyed the journey.


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