Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Thunnks

1. What is the most common question that you are asked (in life) that is none of the questioner's business?
People ask me all the time when we are going to have little feet running around. I only like people to know my story that I want to tell, so it gets annoying when everyone is asking me.

2. Who makes you happiest right now?
Many people make me happy. Right now, Mr. Man is #1 (next to God!).

3. Would you consider yourself to be spoiled?

I am spoiled to an extent. I do not have the best of the best, but I do live fairly leisurely. This is thanks to my hard-working husband!

4. Do you want to be famous one day?
No, I have no desire to be famous at all. I like living a peaceful and private life.

5. Could you handle being in the military?
Good question. I am sure I could do it if I had to,  but I have no desire to. I would never want to have to go to war. But I can survive the military life, obviously!

6. Do you believe in Karma?
I believe in God. I believe you get what you deserve and what is meant to happen.

7. What’s the stupidest thing you ever did with your cell phone?
Before Mr. Man and I were married, I was talking to him while he was on break during Tech School. I was also pumping gas into my car. Mr. Man and I hung up, and I set my phone on my hood. I forgot about it and drove off. Immediately went and got a new one right when I realized.

8. Who knows a secret or two about you?
I do not really have secrets, so I'm going with God.

9. Who is the most experimental person you know?
One of my cousins. She has experimented with jobs, guys, drugs, alcohol, etc. She could fit this description. 

10. Last thing you did that ticked off your S/O (or if not in a relationship) most recent S/O?

I really do not remember. We have not been mad at each other in a long time. It was probably something with the house chores or wanting to sleep when things needed to be done. Problem something small. 

11. Have you ever purposely been irritating to someone? If yes, explain.
Haha, I sing to Mr. Man in the shower to get on his nerves. He hates it, but he does laugh about it. I generally will sing Madonna or Britney Spears... maybe some Lady Gaga or a nursey rhyme. Haha!

12. What's crazy to you?
:People say I'm crazy for being a military wife. Some people say I am crazy for getting married so young. Some people say I am crazy for doubling up on school. Some people say I am crazy because I have my "wild moments." Wild moments that aren't so wild, seriously. Ha!

13. Who (other than the three of us TT writers) writes the most interesting blog?
 Really? Please do not make me answer this question. I follow some amazing blogs. Some that I absolutely love. I adore Kristin at Windy Poplars. My recently favorite is Miss JLA at Stilettos and a fishing pole. I absolutely feel like I connect with Mrs. S at The Adventures of Mr. Superman and Mrs. S. Goodnight Moon.


  1. me and my sister say its "well taken care of" not spoiled LOL!

  2. I like the way you put widgets in your blog, it's neat looking :)

  3. haha I love the well taken care of! love your blog!

  4. theres an award for you over at my page!

  5. It was really interesting getting your take on the military. Great job! Thanks for playing...

  6. Good gracious I loved reading your answers then when I got to the last one, you made my day! Woman, you know I feel the same way!

  7. I loved your thunks!! You seem like a fun person!


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