Monday, July 19, 2010

What it means (to me) to be an Air Force Wife!

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For me, the life of an Air Force wife is easy, hard, wonderful, horrid, exciting, scary, filled with friends, lonely, rewarding, exhausting, and much more.

As an Air Force wife, there are tons of emotions, fears, dreams, and responsibilities. All of which are hard to describe to any person, whether they are another military spouse or someone that cares less about about military. It takes experiencing this life for someone to understand. It's true that each military wife has their own story, but I will try my best to put it into words, words that I feel as an Air Force wife.

When I "crossed into the Blue" as an Air Force wife, my life changed dramatically. It meant I was not only representing myself. I was also representing my Airmen, his career, and my country. It meant that I would need to find the balance between being strong and scared, knowing what to say and what not to say at any given moment, and how to say 'goodbye' to old friends and 'hello' to new ones. It's about finding myself as a person and myself within my family. It's about growing to love and maintain even when the world seems to be against me. It's about many things, things that are never ending, but totally worth it in the end.

So what does it mean to me?

It means that my entire life is constantly up in the air. I have no idea where I'll be living or when Mr. Man will be with me. I'll never know when to prepare or if I even should. It is not the matter of 'if' he will deploy. It is the matter of 'when.' It is not the matter of what will I do, where will I be. It is 'right here' because after all, "home is where the Air Force sends me."

It means honor, respect, and pride. Honoring past, present, and future soldiers. Respecting their duty, our duty. Being proud of who they are, what they do. It means being unselfish and making sacrifices. It is my duty to support, protect, and endure my husband and his career. It means loving and maintaining even at my weakest. It means smiling and laughing even he's in a combat zone. It means taking care of the house, the children, the cars, and my health while he is away fighting a war. It means having sleepless nights just to hear his voice from oceans away. It means committing to care packages once a week just to show my love for him. It means finding the perfect homecoming outfit to welcome him home in, no matter the time or location he just served. It means loving him, hugging him, and kissing him even when his career takes away our weekends, our family time, our holidays, and our vacations.

It means laughing until we are crying. Tackling new cities, states, and even countries. It means traveling the world with eyes wide open knowing not just anyone could have this experience. It's about making the best of my surroundings, the people, and the base. It means having faith and believing in God. It means knowing that the obstacles that lie before us will be worth every inch of misery. 

It means meeting new people every 3 to 4 years, welcoming new friends into my circle of trust. It means having a good time, celebrating patriotic holidays at its best. It means enduring freedom. It means running out crying when the National Anthem is played at events. It means tearing up to any and every patriotic song that comes on the radio. It's knowing and realizing that some else out there has it worse than me. It's wishing I could lend my support and shoulder to every military spouse out there, no matter the location, rank, situation, or branch of service.

It means countless loads of laundry with special washing detergent so his uniforms do not fade. It means countless trips to the dry cleaners to get new ranks, new patches, and name tapes sewn on. It means guaranteeing his uniforms and him in them look absolutely fabulous and professional. It means no PDA in public, even at the times I am most proud of him.

Like I said, it means many things.

But most importantly, it means me being there every step of the way. It means never giving up on him or his career. It means supporting every decision he, his job, and our country makes. 

As an Air Force wife, I give my all for him because he gives his all for me, our future children, our families and friends, and you! This is the least I can do. 

Mr. Man and I at his ALS graduation!

 Mr. Man and I after his Basic graduation.

Mr. Man and I at my Senior Prom.


  1. i love this!! oh man, the air force is going to be giving me some tough competition! good luck! :)

  2. I love it! You have experienced the deployment side of it and the overseas part. Plus you guys have been in a little longer. I love reading all about your guys' experiences and adventures.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE knowing you two were together when you were still in high school. I love how you touched on the feelings of your Airmen. You not only address the Air Force, but every other branch of the military as well. I love your writing style and love the gut-wrenching feeling you just gave me. I am your newest follower. Best of luck in the giveaway!


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