Thursday, June 12, 2014

Day 4: And this is it.

Day 1 came and gone. It wasn't a bad day, but it wasn't the best today. It was just a day.

Then came Day 2. What seemed to be a perfect day. I ran errands first thing in the morning while A was in school. I was in and out in no time. Iwas able to unload while E was napping in the car, and even do a little cleaning in the house before she woke. Then she woke, and we did some play time before heading to pick up A from school. Ipicked up A from school. Things seems to have gone great for her, so I thought it was going to be a great day.

That was until I got a call from my Mom. You know the call you hope you never have to get. The one where you really hope that nothing ever happens, things are perfect at home because you are so far away and you feel completley helpless.

That's where  I was. My grandfather had passed away. The initial shock of it all was overwhelming. I had one to talk to you, and I was so worried about everyone at home that I didn't want to call them because I was being selfish. Of course, everyone was hurting. Every single one of us. Husband is away, and he's the only one I share all these things with.

Time went on. Every single person started to find out. It spread like wildfire. That's when Mr. Man's Dad called me.I knew exactly why he was calling, but I pretended as if I didn't. He asked how Iwas doing. I told him good. So he went on to ask which grandfather it was. I explained. He had met him a couple of times through family gatherings. He apologized, showed his sincerity, and then we discussed life as single mom and what they girls had been up to. He was my outlet.

Then more time went on. Husband saw the news on FB. Immediately went out to purchase a phone. He called. Asked how I was doing. What was my plan. I explain to him the details and how I'm feeling. No plans. We talked, we discussed. I was feeling much better.

It's so hard to be so far away. But I'm happy that I have been able to have him in such a big part of my life. I love him, I miss him... but I also know I will see  him again.

The amount of outpouring love and support has been overwhelming. I don't know how it is possible for a man to be so loved, honored, and admired. I love hearing the memories.. I love sharing my thoughts, my memories, my love for him. I couldn't be more proud to be a part of such a small community. I couldn't be more thankful for all the support, thoughts, and prayers.

I never dreamed this would be it. This is how it would happenn. I never thought 2014 would be it. I never thought he would never meet E. I never thought he would be gone so quickly, witthout notice.

But I'm at peace because Maw is doing good, family is together, he's feeling the best he has ever, and I will see him again.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day 1: Getting Adjusted

Today is the first day that Mr.Man is gone. We woke up at about 9:30. A came into our roomeeting and told me she was very hungry. We had cereal for breakfast. I didn't give A the choice of diapers or panties this morning. I just told her to go get a pair of panties to wear with her pretty dress. She never skipped a bit and picked Minnie Mouse ones.

As you could probably tell by this morning when you were getting ready to leave... E had a rough night with her nose. Her snot is turning green. Hopefully i can control it with my handy oils and we don't have to see a doctor soon. No fever yet.

I sent you a text this morning as soon as we woke. I didn't know what time your flight was and i knew your phone hadn't been working. So either you got it or it will be a surprise text when  you land back here on return.

We have no solid plans today. I need to bring up our fans for the liVing room and our bedroom. Everything that is still in our bedroom needs to be put away as well. Speaking of, I meant to ask you if you needed me to get new stripes sewn on to your other uniforms?

I'm going to try and work in the garden today and let the girls ride their car and swim. Then I may take them to Emisfero for some milk. We are out. Walk is also on the agenda. Other than that, we will take it easy and soak it all in.

I'm not sure how you and A's night went last night but I'm super  curious. She woke up knowing you were gone and that you were at work. I'm guessing you guys had a little discussion last night? I can't get over how big she is getting.

I'm going to try and write you as I can. I like using my blogger app because it wI'll save drafts for  me if I just walk away. Hope you don't Mind.

We love and miss you. Hope your flight is going well. I know we probably won't  chat for a couple of days until our schedules meet up again. I know you told me your land time but it's In the middle of the night here. I don't know what time your report time is for Monday and I will have to get A to school and ba know anyways. Thanks for getting out all her scool stuff for me too. We love you.

The Clan!