Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that you can actually burn hard-boiled eggs?

I found that out yesterday morning. I was boiling eggs to put in the refrigerator for my dinner. I was also boiling a whole chicken for me and Mr. Man. Want to know how to burn hard-boiled eggs? Here is how:

Just start boiling some water. Once the water comes to a boil, put your eggs in it. Get another pot and boil for the chicken. Add chicken once it starts to boil. Walk away from the pots, both pots. Sit down, have some water, watch a little TV. Go back in the kitchen, but instead of checking on the eggs, just check on the chicken. Flip the chicken. Make sure to tell yourself that you already turned off the pot with the eggs and have tended to them -- because after all they do only take a few minutes. Go back, sit back down on the couch, quench your thirst, watch some more TV or play on the computer... whatever tickles your fancy. Check on the chicken AGAIN! Flip the chicken again. Go back to whatever you were doing before. Make sure to check on the chicken and flip it one last time. Go ahead and turn down the heat this time (only on the chicken). Just remember, never acknowledge that the pot of eggs are still sitting right there, still boiling away, and the heat is still turned WAY UP! Just focus on your chicken. Now, this time, since you are waiting for your chicken to somewhat cool, so you can cut it in half to share with Mr. Man, turn down everything in the house, noise wise. Why? I don't really know, but it works! Finally, you will hear this sizzling noise. If Mr. Man is even halfway awake, he will notice the noise before you and look at you funny. Go ahead and walk in the kitchen and make sure everything is ok. (Yep! Everything's fine!) Start walking back to the kitchen... and this should be where it all hits you in the face! YOU BURNT YOUR HARD-BOILED EGGS! "Ohhhh sha-poo-poo!" You've boiled all of the water out of the pot, and you are now beginning to burn the outside of the eggs. It will begin to smell like burnt popcorn.

But since you were wanting to see what it is like to burn hard-boiled eggs, you've succeeded. I was not trying to burn my eggs, but I found out how to do it the hard way!

Later on that day, I burnt myself! How? I was heating up my half of the chicken in the original chicken broth when my pot knob came off. It's been broken for a while, but I love, love, love this pot and I will never give it up. I will continue to superglue the knob on each time it comes off. Well, I need to open the pot, so it could vent. But no knob, so I grab a couple of mittens, put them on my hands, and grab away at the lid to take off. It would have been a success, but the steam was going up and burnt the crud out of my hand!! Seriously, burnt the poo out of me. Mr. Man comes home, I show him my bo-bo. He says, "Did you cry?" ("Umm, No, but I want to know because it hurts more now than it did when it happened!") He says -- while looking it-- "Holy Smoly, baby. You got yourself good. Actually I think this is the worst burn I have seen on you yet." (I just have a pouty face on.) Mr. Man: "It'll be fine. Let's just put something on it." He goes and grabs the spray stuff, the stuff that burns. I begin fighting him-- "no,no, no!" Mr. Man: "Oh yes, it'll feel so much better!" As he grabs my arm and begins to spray." I give up. And it did not burn! YAY! And guess what? This morning it is way much better. 

Want to see my worst burn ever (and I've been through many. I always burn myself when cooking, always!)?
And this was a couple of hours after it happened. Not even immediately after!


  1. i didn't know you could burn them! eek!

    and omg i hate burning myself..thank god the last time i did it, they healed fast!

  2. Oh my GOSH, girl! That is one heck of a burn :( I hope it heals quickly! I flinch, just looking at it!

  3. OMGosh...that hurts my arm just looking at your burn! Poor thing!!!! I hope its feeling better by now. Avoid taking a shower with it right now. That would feel like you burnt again.

    Hopefully your dinner was good!


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