Thursday, July 22, 2010

Somebody's Watching Me:

Is it you?

I really do always feel like someone is watching me a little too close, like they are waiting for something unexpectedly to happen or for me to fail miserably at life. It is quite amusing if you ask me. It's even funnier when you bring it to their attention and they choke up over it or deny it.

There is a difference between someone motivating and inspiring another to this person becoming obsessed with the other and wanting them to lose sight of themselves. I do not think people intentionally think that in their head, but I do think that their actions suggest that. I find it extremely creepy for someone to be so in-tune to my life that they feel they need to know my every move, so they go straight to my blog or Facebook. Sometimes will even pass by my house. I find their actions to be slighty stalker-ish.

Like seriously, I had one person tell Mr. Man that they passed by my house and one of our cars were not there. They wanted to know where we were at. Seriously? You are not my Mom or my Dad or any of my grandparents. And even they do not do that stuff. I have a ton more stories, but seriously, I am not blowing up this blog over it because of the simple fact - I am over it.

It's actually pretty annoying and slightly creepy. I do not get on Facebook at all anymore. When I do, I go straight to my games and that is when I am extremely bored. Mr. Man actually gets on it way more than I do, which is when he has free time at work.. which is also very little. So no one will be finding any juicy information on us there. The most information you will get out of me is my blog because it is about my personal life. But really, I live a boring life. I think people have a hard time accepting that.  Not to mention, it is my life. I will live it the way I want, which leads me to another topic.

It is my life. It is my little adventure that I am enjoying. Not anyone else's, so if there is something that I do and you do not think it was the best move or do not approve, I am sorry. Actually, I am not sorry. If you feel the need to crash on my parade of life, go for it. I am the type of person to brush it off my shoulders. I am a very independent and strong woman. I do not worry about what others think of me and what I am doing. As long as I am happy and doing it for myself, that's all that matters. 

Another thing, I can not stand when people make false assumptions and spread the assumptions around. Truthfully, they are false accusations and quietly annoying.

This mentality over these childish acts and my strong personality have definitely come from being a military wife. I am thankful that I am able to let things fly high and forget about them, but do not ever think I will forget about you. You meaning the stalker :)

Oh, and another piece of advice. Ever heard of the saying, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all." I would say that is some good piece of advice. Oh, and another thing... Never think you are overly educated or better than everyone else because seriously, it makes you look that much more like a dummy. Just looking out for you fellow friends, just looking out for you. (Read this paragraph with tons of bubbly sarcasm. It might seem humorous.)

I did not write this blog out of frustration or anger. I just needed to get it out there because I do have these issues with people, and it does get quite annoying when it's repetitive. Just think about what you are saying and doing before you do it. Think about if you would want someone doing or saying that you. Just try and respect other people's lives.

By the way, the song is an inside joke between me and Mr. Man because of this situation. Yep, he even sees it. And when we see these people or hear from them, we bust out the tunes!


  1. Girl, you are doing a fantastic job. I wish my son Cody who is only a couple of years younger would take your cues. You are a gazillion miles from home, alone much of the time and instead of whining and saying you are homesick, lonely, you are getting out there and making a great life for you and your hubby and furbaby. Who could find fault with that? NOBODY!!! Lesser women would be puddles of self-pity. Maybe someone is jealous of your ability to adjust, your resilience, and your tenacity.

  2. I think you summed up your feelings very well!! Hopefully those folks will get the hint.

  3. Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I have been a follower of your blog for a while and happy that you enjoyed my post :)


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