Saturday, July 17, 2010

Date Night!

First off, I want to thank you all for stopping by and entering my giveaway! There are more than the 4 enteries now, and I am way excited about that! If you still have not entered, you still have time. And be sure to tell your friends about my giveaway. Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

Since Mr. Man is on nights for these couple of weeks, our schedules have been off for daytime events. But it does not stop us from having a date night. Since this week was my birthday, this is what we decided to do for my birthday weekend. Yes, I chose. And yes, I have loved it!

Our normal date nights consist of renting or purchasing movies, watching them in the comfort of our own home, and cooking/eating whatever we want. Normally, the eating part consists of something oriental. We both adore oriental food, and I love cooking it. Sometimes we cheat and get take-out, but that is very rare, on extra lazy days.

Tonight, we cooked together and made ourselves a little Asian buffet. We made Mongolian Beef Stir-fry, Asian Style Bake Flounder, and of course some rice. Let me just tell you that both of these recipes were first time recipes and we always tailor them to our own personal tastes and substitute other things we do not have something that is a "normal" in that dish. Seriously, it was the best!! The best ever! Since I have been dieting and before eating fairly healthy, I had not had much oriental food. This definitely hit the spot since I love it so much. At some point, I will begin sharing my recipes with you since I do talk about food and what we eat often.
The movies that we watched today was "Angels and Demons," "Public Enemies," and "Paul Blart Mall Cop." I think those are the titles? 

We are not generally movie or series people. We only watch movies on date nights or for special occassions when we want to stick around the house and have family time. We are not at all up to date with movies or anything else, but we do watch when we get the chance. 

Angels and Demons I thoroughly enjoyed. I think the fact that I felt that I connected with it is because of our recent travels to Rome. I was so amazed and mesmorized by everything knowing that I had step foot or walked or stood or looked where a lot of the movie was filmed. I love watching movies and thinking about how I have now traveled there or seen it or whatever. The plot was nice. I was in shock when I realized what actually happened, but I did enjoy the movie. 

Public Enemies was nice, too. I like these kinds of movies for some odd reason. I'm not like most chicks that always wants to watch chick flicks or romantic movies. I am into the more dramatic and action pack movies, or movies that have an on-the-go meaning searching for criminals. I really enjoyed it!

Mall Cop was different. When Mr. Man suggested it, I immediately said no because it reminds me of Reno 911 and I am not into those stupid comedy shows. I do not get the humor out of the sexual, vulgar scenes, or extreme dramatic. It's just not my thing. I finally gave in since I did pick the others, and when we watched it, I actually enjoyed it. Mr. Man lead me to believe it would be hilarious, which I did not find. But it did have some comedy in it. It turned out to be a really cute movie. It was not over the top or a "must-see" in my eyes, but it was really cute. 

I would recommend watching all of these movies. The first two I would have gladly watched them in the theaters if I was that kind of person. Mall Cop, I would have waited until I could either rent it or buy it for extremely cheap.

I can not believe I have watched 4 movies in one week! I am pretty impressed considering I never watch TV! 

Have you seen these movies? What did you think about them?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. Ha ha I love all these movies and love "guy" movies too!


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