Tuesday, September 30, 2014

E's Favorite Movies: 19 Months

E is 19 months old now, and she already great interests. She is very expressive with what she wants and likes. I recently did A's favorite movies, so now I will do E's.

Here's her top 5 in no particular order:

1. Minnie Mouse Clubhouse

2. Beauty and the Beast

3. Cinderella

4. Dumbo

5. Cars

Meal Plan Monday

1. Beans with Sausage over rice
2. Chicken Spaghetti
3. Tuna Stuffed Tomatoes
4. Pesto Ranch Chicken
5. Turkey Cabbage Rolls
6. Beef with Broccoli over rice
7. Chicken pot pie

This week is a busy week. We have soccer on Thursdays and other events throughout the week. Since the fall is here, I've been planning some warm and comforting dinners. I have also been making and preparing in advance so I can reheat or throw them in the crockpot. It has been working out really well.

If there's a recipe you are interested in, let me know.