Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Giveaway:

I am having a sad moment! 

Because I am hosting a CSN Stores Giveaway. I only have 4 entries! Yes, you read that right! 4 entries! This makes me very, very sad because I had high hopes. High hopes because I was really looking forward to giving away some awesome things to my awesome readers. Something more personal and something more often. I blogged and played around with the idea of doing giveaways, so this was my test. Shortly after submitting that blog, I was asked by the CSN Stores Promotion Team to team up with them and host this awesome giveaway for $50 or £50. I thought this would be perfect to decide whether or not I would go all out with the exciting thoughts I had of my other giveaways.

I've decided to get you all psyched up about what I want to do, I thought I would give you a little insight on my ideas. In order for this to be achieved, I need success with this first giveaway from CSN Stores and my follower numbers to go up. 

Here's the scoop:
I am currently stationed in England. I thought it would be a good idea to do a giveaway from me personally of my favorite English things, from foods to teas to hair products to anything and everything I enjoy. Since most of my readers are from the states, you would have your very own opportunity to experience a little bit of the culture I currently live in! Interested? But wait, there's more.

I just recently traveled around Italy for two weeks. I met some wonderful businesses that have allowed me to advertise their products and ship to anywhere in the world. I thought "Perfect.. Bloggy Friends!" I have seen some flavored olive oils, wines, dressings, souvenirs, and much more. Still not interested in traveling or culture? That's ok.

You know how I am a fitness junky. I would love to commit to one of you (maybe more) in helping you reach your fitness goals no matter what your goals may be. Whether it is to loose a few pounds or get your pro-card. I want to help! Whether it is recommending a good book, tailoring a diet for you, or giving you an exercise plan, which could include something more fun like a Wii game, a DVD, exercise equipment, anything. That would be way cool! Don't care about losing weight, getting your pro-card, or traveling?

Then you tell me what you would like to see me giveaway! 

So now that you have some inside scoop on my high hopes for this bloggy world, help me out! Go read about the CSN Giveaway, be sure to enter, be sure to ask me a few questions (if you'd like), and help me up my followers number! And please, help me get to know you better!

If this is successful and my followers reach 170 (which I am at 124) by the middle to end of August, I will set up my English giveaway for September! 

You all have been such a great support and have continued to inspire, encourage, and motivate me. So I would like to give back to you for all you have done for me!

I can't believe I told you guys my secrets! But now I am even more excited about this! I have high hopes, so don't let me down!! :) 


  1. I would LOVE stuff from England!! I used to be obsessed!

  2. I too am obsessed with all things British!


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