Friday, July 9, 2010

Fitness Friday: "My Story"

I know, I know. Before you say it, I realized I missed last week's Fitness Friday! It was a crazy busy, but fun weekend!

This week I have decided to go ahead and tell you my story. In the beginning I told you it would be my first post for Fitness Friday, but I guess something was on my mind and I never got around to the original post. Well, here it is finally!

How I got Started:
It all started when we lived in Texas. Mr. Man obviously had his regular PT. I would miss him like crazy, so I began joining him doing his sessions since he would get off work early for it. Then, not long after we had been married, he deployed for what was suppose to be 6 months. We know what military men want to do when they are deployed-- Get their fitness on! That is exactly what Mr. Man did. He dieted like crazy, and hit the gym like a mad man. While he was deployed, I worked full time for the most of it. I continued to go to the gym and do my cardio. I even went on the weekends because it helped time go by quicker and it gave me something to do. Next thing I know, Mr. Man tells me what his goals are. I just kind of accepted and respected them, and said I would do it with him. 

And this is where it all begun. He got home in February of 2008. He taught me a few tricks of the trade, worked out with me, and helped me get going. In the beginning, I was afraid of the 'veins and big muscles' just like any other female when they see other females in the magazines. But I did it, just low key.  After a while, I got bored with it. I just felt I was too busy and I was not getting much more out of it than I was before. This is where I went wrong. Mr. Man tells me that if that is the case, then I am not pushing myself hard enough. I kept working out. I never stopped, but I hated the long hours in the gym because we were both having to work out.

My reason for starting in the first place was because I did not want to gain any weight. I was happy with where I was and who I was, but I was afraid of my metabolism catching up with me and gaining weight all because I was not in school anymore doing the extra activities I was doing before.

Mr. Man and I both grew in our fitness. He worked with me, and I kept pushing myself. Once I saw the results, I was hooked. Straight up addicted! Now don't get me wrong, I had my moments. I would cry (in the gym like a baby) over being sore and having a bad day and feeling like crap. I was constantly sore. It was honestly the worst feeling ever at the time, but I pushed passed it. Mr. Man and I continued what we were doing, and later on through this, we decided we need to clean up our foods. We began doing our research and studies to find what was right for us. We found it shortly after all of this. 

I began lifting weights with Mr. Man spotting me. This coming from a girl that could not even bench press the bar. I was a straight up weeny! As soon as I started seeing results, I craved more. I pushed and pushed and pushed myself just to have some muscle. All I wanted was some muscle. Then I started losing weight. I realized how happy I was with the results and thought how easy it was so I decided to go for more. 

We PSC'd to England 2 years ago, and I have been going since. This makes almost 3 years of working out for the both of us. Mr. Man has a dream of lifting like a bodybuilder. He's into the bulking during the winter and cutting in the summer. For me, I am into the getting stronger but staying lean, pretty much all year round. 

My goals have been discussed before in another post, so sorry for the repeat. But this is something that I get asked a lot. In the beginning, it was all about weight. Now it is about being lean, having definition, and lifting to make me happy. Lifting heavier weights for me is like an adrenaline rush for you. Instead of skydiving or bungee jumping, I'm in the gym lifting however much weight I can possibly lift. I have dreams of doing professional fitness type photos. I actually have some scheduled for the end of the summer. Fitness will not be my career, but it is something that I have mad passion for.

I do want this to be known, though. A lot of people look at me and think I do not have to work hard to be where I am, but that is wrong! I grew up in my family as the largest child. I am now the smallest. It takes hard work. It takes dedication. It takes self-motivation and determination. For me, I need that extra push from someone that won't let me settle, which is Mr. Man. It is never easy, and it does not happen over night. Many women wish they could dream their bodies into losing weight, but you can't. And when you get sore, you work through that soreness. Soreness to me now is how I know I am getting results. That is how you have to look at it.

This is probably the worst "How I got started" story ever! Now I know why the bodybuilders, fitness models, etc in interviews have a hard time telling how they got started. It's just something that happens when you see results. You crave more. It's something that is hard to explain.

All I have to say to anyone that just wants to lose a few pounds or become the next Ms. Olympia, whatever your goal, don't be afraid. Don't be intimidated, and always tell yourself you can... because in reality, you can do it! Anyone can. If I can, you can!

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  1. I've read your story before and it's so inspiring. I can relate 100% to what you say. Good luck in keeping up with your goals! Hopefully I an have an inspiring story someday!


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