Tuesday, July 20, 2010

No Sleep = Long Day

Today is going to be so exhausting. Since Mr. Man is still on mids, I have been on schedule with him for the most part. I try to go to bed earlier each night, but it just does  not work. I went to bed at 7am this morning. Mr. Man walked in the door around 8am. I woke up because I heard him. Then he told me he still had to go to the gym, so I stayed in bed and tried to sleep. I could not. I could not because Mr. Man's work called every few minutes trying to get ahold of him. I did not answer because 1.) he was not home and 2.) the phone was not by the bed and I was not going to walk downstairs to get it. I just unplugged the upstairs outlet, so I would not hear it.

Mr. Man walked through the door from the gym at 9:30ish. I immediately called for him and told him work had been trying to call. It was good news. He needs some training, and he has been waiting for an opening. There is an opening in August. Hopefully he gets the date because it is 6 weeks long, and I would much rather him get this date than later on, which leads me to the next good news! He was approved yesterday to go to Ireland for the Thanksgiving holidays. I am supur stoked. This is when I realize I do love his job and their flexibility. The fact that we can travel and do things without them throwing a huge fit. 

Anyway, back to my long day. I got up with him after the gym because the sun rises here at about 4:30am. It starts getting really hot in our bedroom around 8am from the sun shining in. So I had been sweating and tossing and turning. I already naturally sweat in my sleep, so the sun does  not help. I decided to go ahead and take another shower with him. I came back downstairs while he drank a protein shake and unloaded his lunch box and things. By the time we went back upstairs to bed, it was about 10:30am. By the time, I finally fell asleep it is well after 11:45am. And I have to get up no later than 3pm to cook him dinner for work.
So here I am. Exhausted as can be! I can not wait for this exercise to be done. I can not wait until the end of October. Life should be back to normal, hopefully. 


  1. My husband was on mids at two different times this past year. This last time he just switched over this week!! I couldn't be thrilled. Although it took the whole time he was on mids for me to find a schedule that worked.. and now I had to change it again. But I was more than happy too ha.

    I hope you are able to work one out for you!

  2. That's always such a weird schedule and so hard to adjust to and then from, haha.

  3. A 4:30 sunrise!? That's awesome - maybe it would inspire me to get out of bed earlier. I'm so lazy in the morning.


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