Thursday, April 29, 2010

Woo's and Boo's! (Part 2)

Woo's are "Woo-Hoo!" type thing, if you do not understand my lingo. Boo's are the obvious "Boo hoo!" For me, "Eek!" is an excited, loud squeal. "Ahhhh!" is an annoyed, frustrated scream. Almost like "I want to pull my hair out" type thing. Ok, so here it goes....
I posted the "Woo's!" yesterday, so be sure to check it out! Click here.

I do not want this post to be all negative because I really am blessed to only have these "Boo's!" in my life. Also, each "Boo" comes with a "Woo", so that makes it "not so bad".

My Boo's:

1. I have been having a major anxiety attack.
I am well aware that this is because of the excitment that comes with being a military spouse and experiencing the homecoming of your loved one, but it is driving me nuts. I have not slept in a few nights. All I think about is my husband, when he will be home, what I want to do with him while he is off, the good food I will finally cook for the both of us, and the family time with our baby boy. 
For the past week, I have been trying extra hard to get back on a normal schedule since I had switched to his schedule while he has been away, but with the anxiety, it's not happening. It sucks. I get frequent headaches. I am not eating like I should be. (Don't confuse that with not eating!) Which all this in turn is making me weak in the gym, which is where I am trying to up it a notch for the summer months. 

2. The volcanic ash messed up the mail, and I am missing some things that I ordered in hopes it would be here before Mr. Man. 
I actually ordered it well over a month ago, so I am slightly bummed that it is not here yet. The world is not going to come to an end because of it, but I really wanted to surprise him with a couple of more things before he went back to work. (Boo hoo!)

3. Ok, this is an *Ahhhh!* one, but do not confuse this with being unappreciative or ungrateful. 
So my inbox has been filling up like crazy asking when Mr. Man will be home. People, including some family members, do not understand the security issues involved. I do not want my husband shot down or captured due to something so stupid and selfish, so I will not give out that information. Plus, things can change and such. I do understand that some family members and friends read this, so please do not get offended by any means. Just know that it doesn't help me any with everyone harping about time and dates that Mr. Man will be in. We (mostly I) ask that you just respect OPSEC and everything that we tell you guys.

4. My Mom has a date for her surgery.
She will be having surgery May 25th, which is also my sister's birthday. It is also a few days before we leave for Italy, so I am so nervous about it. My Mom and I are so close, and it is tearing me apart seeing all these surgeries she is going through with me so far away. She does have my older sister and younger brother, but it really does not settle my mind any. Thank goodness, I have Mr. Man because he keeps the positive energy going when I get down about it. This will be another minor surgery. Something to do with her liver, so please say some prayers for her and my family that everything goes well and smooth. I really hate being so far away in times like this, but I do not think my Mom would want me to go home for something so minor like this... but it's killing me! *Sigh*

So, gold personality has set in again and I am dying to find another "Boo" to write in so I can have 5. But who wants more negativity when there's no need? So I am going to have to get over the one less than five thing and be happy that the Boo's are less than half of the Woo's!

See the Boo's are not too bad, right?


  1. Okay, they aren't terrible! You had me going there... I hope you get back on schedule, and I'll be praying for your mom's surgery =)

  2. Not so bad :) and its great that you can find the woo's in your boo's. I hope everything turns out great for your mom. Surgery is always a scary thing. Love and prayers sent your way!

    ♥ Mrs. S.


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