Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Woo's and Boo's! (Part 1)

Woo's are "Woo-Hoo!" type thing, if you do not understand my lingo. Boo's are the obvious "Boo hoo!" For me, "Eek!" is an excited, loud squeal. "Ahhhh!" is an annoyed, frustrated scream. Almost like "I want to pull my hair out" type thing. Ok, so here it goes....

My wonderful Woo's:

1. Mr. Man will be home in less than a week! (Eeek!) 
He is moving out of his dorm room tonight. He has already mailed back his things, but I have not received them yet. I think I will get them by Friday. Maybe, just maybe. He will finish this week doing some out-processing. I actually have an official date of when he will be arriving. I figured it out on my own with helpful hints here and there. I am super excited! Words can not explain how excited I am. I could burst out into tears right here, right now! Happy tears, of course.

2. My Victoria Secret panties came in the mail today! (Eeeek!)
I was tempted to try each and every pair on right when I walked in the door from the post office, but I held in my temptation. I just pulled off all the tags and stickers and put them by the washer to wash before I wear them.

3. We have only 3 weeks until Italy! (To be exact, we have 30 days left!) (Eeeekkkk!)
This is one of the most exciting things right now. I was planning this trip to keep my mind off of the last month of Mr. Man being gone, and it has worked! But now that the planning is over, I have nothing more to do. But this trip will be perfect.. at least I hope!

4. To go along with our Italy trip, Mr. Man's supervisor called me yesterday morning asking for our trip dates, so he could officially put in for Mr. Man's leave and have it approved. 
This means that it is official. Nothing can stand in our away, except for something uncontrollable. When I got the phone call, I must admit I was pretty stoked to hear his supervisor say those words. It made is so realistic for me, and it also settled my mind about the leave process. I did; however, make Mr. Man send an email later yesterday evening to confirm with his supervisor that way if something happened, it would not come back on me. Trilling!!

5. Mr. Man told me yesterday he may have surprises for me when he gets home!
I love me some surprises. Yes, I know... you all are probably thinking "isn't him coming home enough?" The answer to that should be obvious, but I will go ahead and say it aloud. Yes, he is the best surprise I could ever imagine. I can not wait to hug him, kiss him, just feel him. But I do also love me surprises! 

6. I am not the only one that gets surprises, of course.
I have many things waiting for Mr. Man. I can not wait for him to open them and see them. He will definitely love me forever. Well, I think. I do have one rule to a couple of them. He can not touch them for 5 days unless stated otherwise, so he will have to decide to wait 5 days to open them or to go ahead and open them and have to stare at them for the remaining 5 days. I am going to be lenient (sp?) on this because I know there will be some down days, but I also do not want it to consume his time home before heading back to work. Plus, I want to see how he sleeps, too. I can not explain that, but maybe after he is home and opens it, I will. (He reads this!)

7. Another wonderful Woo is our Spa Day.
I was given a Spa Day for 2 as a "thank you" for a favor I did for one of my friends not too long ago. It is a spa day for two, where you get a 2 course meal and access to the facilities from 9am to 5pm any day of your choice. We get a robe and slippers to use while there, and we get to take them home! The package includes a 30 minute back and neck massage, mini pedicure and manicure, lunch for 2 (which is what I mentioned above), and full and unlimited access to the swimming pool, sauna, and hot tub. I believe that is all that is included, not sure. But either way, it'll be awesome. Mr. Man knows about this because I was going to do it with a friend thinking he would not be too into the Manicure and Pedicure part, but he actually was. So I have saved it for us to use on his time off! 

8. We will finally be able to file our taxes within the next few weeks.
We got an extension because Mr. Man has been gone since a couple days after Christmas, and I am thankful for this because I have never filed taxes on my own. I do not want to screw anything up, so I was glad to not have to worry about. I'm sure it's not hard, especially since they have a free facility that does it all for you. I was just glad not to have to worry about it, and now we can finally get the money! Woo hoo!!

9. What will our tax money be spent on?
New and improved couches! I am so excited, and I know Mr. Man is too. He settles, though, and I refuse to settle. I want something I will absolutely love and can dress up. He is happy with the first thing he sees that he can fall asleep on. Umm, no thank you. I have a particular color in mind, and I certain style, so Mr. Man be patient (and thankful). I am ok with paying almost double the money (with the pound to dollar ratio) to have what I want. I guess this goes back to Mr. Man making all the money in the world. *Laughs*

10. I have to have an even number of Woo's because I am a strong "Gold" personality. (Not sure what I am talking about, go here.) My tenth "Woo" is my working out.
As most of you know, I started a new workout plan. You can view it here if you are new to my blog. But I have started it this week, and I am doing really good. I am finding that it really is not hard to keep within the calorie and carb intake that I have chosen. The first two days I actually was under my carb intake, so by the time I get to my last two days I will be use to taking in less amount. I still need to work to fix that because the only way in getting where I want is to eat (obviously!) and to provide the difference for my body to continue to burn. My cardio is going good in the morning, and my weight training is good at night, so lets hope I finish this week strong. 

Here is a picture of me and our baby boy. This was taken today for Daddy!

Ok, that is all of my wonderful "Woo's"!! (Eeekk!) I will post my "Boo Hoo's" tomorrow, so stay tuned! I will need the encouragement and motivation. 

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  1. I'm glad to hear about all of these... not so excited about the boos =/


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