Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Please Respect!

Please do not get offended by anything in this post, but please acknowledge with respect the words I speak. This is not referred to anyone personally, but I think it is something that all should know and learn. 

Please have some respect for people's deaths. Please do not post their information on Facebook within an hour that their crisis has taken place. Please consider their long distance family members that may be away and have not yet heard the news. The last place they would want to see it is  on Facebook. I ask that you think about this from now on before you post things on social networks. Remember that this is a sad and hard time for many people, and they do not want their business discussed openly around the world. Many people do not want to hear the news through the word of mouth of fellow acquaintances. I just ask that you please respect other people's privacy. If you feel the desperate need to stoop down, then please watch the way in which you say and/or type it. The tone in which you type can send degrading statements and disrespectful meaning to that family. So with all this said, please, please, please remember family's in need without making a rude announcement. Remember that some family are not as close to "home" as others and the last place they want to hear about their Dad, Mom, Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle, Aunt, Nephew, Neice, or Cousin is by the word of mouth of these social networks.

I am one of these people that do not live close to "home". No where near close. So I know it feels to be one of these people and hear "news" through networking sites. 


  1. I agree. 110%. I woke up this morning to someone posting "hope auntie char feels better today" yep, def didn't know my mom was in the HOSPITAL yesterday. Nothing serious, but made my heart skip a beat. arg!

  2. Oh I could not agree more! For me its rarely about family but there is always something going on with one or more close friends and I am 2000 miles away from all of them. Its irritating and it always makes me think that the person posting is just wanting attention for doing so.

    ♥ Mrs. S.

  3. Completely agree!!!! I also think that the people who post things on FB, blogs or whatever, that they post them so that they can get something from it. Do you know what I mean. Like everyone will give them the attention about the saddness, and they can act like they really knew the person, or knows "all" about what happened, when really, they don't.

    Good post!


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