Friday, April 23, 2010

Crazy Pooches!

Today begins the fun. I am watching my neighbor/friend's dog over the weekend, so she can take her family to London. I have my baby boy, which is a miniature schnauzer, and I will be having the new addition, which is a pug something cavalier mix. The friend's dog is absolutely hyper and very puppy-ish. My baby boy is the complete opposite. He will be 4 years old in September, and he is a good listener, laid back, and chill kind of pup. I went and picked the new addition up this afternoon after I did all that I had to do for the day, and it has been nonstop chaos and hyper-ness. Poor Buttons tries to escape her obnoxiousness, but just can't. She attacks him from every angle. I do feel sorry for him, but once he gets use to her being around and being so playful, he joins in on the fun. 

She is an amazing dog, though. She is awesome with her human brother and sisters. They tug her ears, scrunch up her face to make it look goofy (not like it doesn't already!), pull her tail, pick her up and carry her around, and even sit on her. All this out of fun and playfulness. This dog just sits back and enjoys it. She is a really good dog despite her puppy stage.  She is potty trained, which is a plus for me, and enjoys being outdoors. 

However, I can't get an adorable picture of her because she attacks my camera when I take it out. And that thing cost too much to let some pup scratch it up. Here is what I came up with. Hope you enjoy!



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