Saturday, April 24, 2010

I am such a....

I am such a control freak. Seriously, I am. Not in a bad way. Just in a way were I like to be prepared and try my best to make everything "perfect" without any stress or last minute decisions. This is not a good quality to have being a military wife because of the famous "hurry up and wait" that the military carries, but I just can not help it.

I can officially say that I "think" we are in single digits now until Mr. Man comes home, but it is driving me insane. I know he is not suppose to give me days and such because of OPSEC. I totally respect that, but I also can not help but wonder. 

I am a full time student. I work online; therefore, I am grateful and blessed to have the opportunity to work ahead about a week. That is exactly what I want to do before Mr. Man gets home. He will have 2 weeks off from work and I want to be able to sleep and relax and do all those lovey-dovey things that a couple should do. I do not want to have to step foot unto the computer unless it is to update pictures or google addresses or things going on around here. I want to have the house clean. I want Mr. Man to walk into the house and feel like it his home. I want it to smell good. I want the trash to be out, the lawn to be mowed, the dishes to be done, the groceries to be put up, the clothes to be washes, etc. I do not want him to come home to any single bit of house work. None, Nada. So, so, so Air Force, could you kindly give me an estimate on when Mr. Man will be home?

Ok, so I am being a big baby and whining and complaining over this, but the truth of the matter is... I actually do have about an estimated day. Of course, I tell myself 3 days later than original that way it gives me a gap and I won't be disappointed when something happens. Because that something is very often with the military. I am thankful to have friends that are higher on the rank chain because they come in handy. I already get quite a bit of information since I am a Key Spouse, but sometimes I want confirmation. And I got that confirmation yesterday when I was grocery shopping. 

Then I got another confirmation when Mr. Man told me he was going to go buy some souvenirs and mail me off some things. Ok, that right there is a huge sign that he will be home sooner. After I sat there and thought about it, I asked him if he thought his stuff would make it home before him, and he said he did not know. Which if I had to guess I would say that it would be cutting it close, which gave me my second confirmation. Yippeee! So now I can proudly announce that even though the volcanic ash did put the replacements on hold to getting to him, his estimated arrival time has not changed. That is super-de-duper thrilling!

Now, with all this said, today I got sick to my stomach. Nerves, of course. They just get the best of me when 1.) I have a math test. 2.) I realize Mr. Man will be home soon. 3.) I try to picture him walking up to me in uniform. My totally got knotted up and I immediately started cleaning house to relieve the thoughts. After I cleaned the whole downstairs (and when I mean clean, I mean clean. No dishwasher included! Hands only!), I went and rented a movie. 

That movie was 2012. It was a good movie. I know I am forever late on watching it, but it was not what I expected, but it was good. It's worth seeing. I thought it was very unrealistic and little too optimistic, but it's a movie so of course it's all those things.

So now it's off to get a shower and go read and relax in my bed... Oh, and this will be one of the last weekends I spend alone. YESSSSS! 

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  1. I get the same nervousness when my hubby comes home! And about the house! I totally feel you! Hopefully he will be home soon and I am sure he won't care about the house in the least and will only care about seeing you!


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