Friday, April 16, 2010

On my Agenda!

Now that we are getting closer to Mr. Man coming home, I thought I would throw together a "to-do" list. It's time to start fixing myself up for his arrival. Plus, I have been telling myself that I would do some things your my followers since I have never actually introduced myself or told my story on here. I told myself once I reached 15 or so followers I would do so. Do not put a time or day on this, but I promise to get around to it. I also want to throw some pictures and memories together of this deployment while my husband was away. Things to use as memories after he gets back. Like my favorite pictures of me and my baby boy, the times I dressed him up in silly things, and our days out playing around. But for now, it's about things I need to get done soon within the next few weeks (other then the things I have already mentioned).

My goals this coming week are:
1. Get a hair appointment.
2. Get my nails done.
3. Finish cleaning the spare bedroom.
4. Schedule our baby boy's hair appointment.
5. Start planning our (Mr. Man and I) spa day.

These should not be hard as long as I set my mind to it and manage my time right.

All of this adds to the regular everyday things that I do. I take our Baby Boy on our walks, go to the gym, do some cardio on the Wii, cook, clean, do school work, and read our guidebook. Lets see what happens.

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