Thursday, April 22, 2010


This is a picture of Mr. Man and our baby boy walking through the snow out during the end of 2009. I love the emotion that is shown through this picture, which is exactly where I am at now... emotional. Not sure why I am emotional today, but I am. Maybe it's that time of the month. Maybe it's the anxiety from Mr. Man's situation. Maybe it's because I have had yet another boring day. But either way, this photo speaks for itself. 

I constantly think about the bond that Mr. Man and our baby boy have. Their relationship that is so much like a true father and son. How they just walk through the snow talking to one another and taking in the scenery. I love my guys more than words could ever show... more than I could even begin to attempt to explain to everyone. Oh, how I love my guys and wish I could have these moments back in my life.

Please Air Force, send me my Mr. Man! 

I know, I know. It will be very soon. That is exactly what I kept telling myself, too.

Please forgive the image quality as all of my pictures have been taken from Facebook because they were all lost when the 2 external hard drives crashed.

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