Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Best Tea Ever!

First I have to say that I am not a tea drinking. I use to hate tea and could not stomach it at all. After much research and tastings, I have found the best brand of tea ever! Of course, it is a UK brand. The English know their tea, for sure. Every night (and sometimes after lunch) I drink some of this tea. I even use it when I just want to fight a craving or intense desire to eat for no good reason. It definitely settles that, and it is healthy! I have never tried it cold because I am not an iced tea drinker.. truly, I'm not a tea drinker anywhere but my home. Water is generally my way to go, but if I need something filling for myself, tea is what I reach for.

There is something about hot tea going through my body that soothes me. I was telling Mr. Man this not too long ago, and I had read much about the health benefits, which is why I decided to try so many different teas out and jump on the bandwagon of drinking tea, but it truly does soothe and relax your body. I love the way it makes me feel. It gets rid of my headaches, tenseness, and body aches. 

Tea is healthy for your body. Some teas help detox your system, and all offer some type of antioxidants. Here are a list of health benefits of teas.
1. It is proven to lover stress hormone levels.
2. It increases one's metabolism.
3. It boosts the immune system.
4. It can help prevent or limit many health problems.

If you do not drink tea, you should try it out! I love it!

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  1. I hate tea as well! But I haven't tried the fresh and fruity one....


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