Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sunshine Award

I have been awarded the sunshine award. Thanks to Flip Flops and Combat Boots! This award is passed onto 12 bloggers that inspire others through their positive attitudes and creativeness. Here are the blogs that I keep up with that inspire me in many different ways:

1. Mrs. P
2. Noel
3. Dani
4. KAEmommyNavyWife
5. Alia
6. Christina
7. Expat Girl
8. Mrs. S
9. Birdie
10. Ashley
11. Vanessa
12. Flip Flop and Combat Boots


  1. Oh my gosh! You are so sweet! I keep seeing these on all my new bloggy friends posts and it makes me so happy to know that people are actually reading my blog! Thank you sweets :)

    ♥ Mrs. S.

  2. That Birdie is a pretty cool cat!

  3. Thanks hon! I love getting awards!
    Now here is your button tutorial lol copy the code and then click "customize" once you are there click "add a gadget" then once you do that pick the "html gadget" paste the code, save the changes and you have yourself a button! I hope I didn't leave out any steps :)

  4. I left you something on my blog :) <3

  5. Thank you for the award, darlin!


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