Friday, April 23, 2010

Oh, I just realized!

I just realized that:

1. Today is Friday. How am I just realizing this? No clue whatsoever, other than that I have blonde hair :) Friday equals another week down with only a couple more to go. I am so thankful that the military operations and commercial flights are now taking place. They lifted it yesterday. I never felt so happy to hear the "Birdies" flying!

2. This month marks my 2 year anniversary of being a stay at wife/mom (to our pup). With this in mind, I really have to give a lot of thanks to my husband for providing for this family. I am a full time student, working my booty off to get my degree before we leave here, which is in two and a half years. I do not have a working permit to work on the economy here, which limits my employment opportunities. He (or me, for that matter) does not want me to work at the BX, gas station, commissary, or other place of that nature. He truly would not care if I wanted a job, but the fact of the matter is... I love being unemployed. I love the freedom to get up and go whenever I like. The opportunities that we have, which are limitless, and I have to thank him for every single bit of it! But I must admit he loves having me home just as much. 

Today I was thinking about where I found the time to get groceries, cook dinner, clean house, wash clothes, etc. when I was working full-time. I seriously could not figure out how I made it work. That's when I sat back and realized that 2 years ago this month, I put in my notice to leave my current job. 

Wow, just wow. I am officially a bum. I am a live in slave. (ha, just kidding) I live off the government. Sweet! What more could I ask for?

Oh, wait. Mr. Man, I really need some new panties. Wouldn't you agree? (Of course, he would!) Go ahead and insert his blushing face here. So what does Mrs. Ma'am do? HELLO Victoria Secret and Fredrick's of Hollywood!

Mr. Man, I've been doing a lot of online shopping. I really think I am ready to change my full wardrobe. I'm thinking sexy skinny jeans, a pair of jeggings, maybe some light cardigans, casual dresses, some cute flats. You know, things of that nature. I will give all my old clothes that I do not wear anymore to the Airman's Attic.  I think it would be perfect for our Italy trip. I could pack extremely light. I'll even let you buy a few new things. What do you think?... YESSSSS!

And for this shopping trip, will you come with me? Will you promise to tell me what you think? And accept the new me? And tough it out while I try on everything? Especially since I'm so so picky about my clothes? And if I don't find everything I want in one day, can we go back another day or two again? Just shopping it out... PERFECT! YOU ROCK!

Oh, and one more thing, Mr. Man. I found these hot and sexy new high heels. I really want them. Well, they are on sale. On second thought, you know that shopping trip you promised me when you get home? Yea, I'll wait until then. 

You know what really makes me happy, Mr. Man? Purses! I just love getting a new handbag every week. Ok, ok. I will wait until you get home.

Oh, and by the way... I can't stop picking my nails at night while I'm laying in  bed for hours at a time waiting to fall asleep. I have so much on my mind. Mostly, the fact that you come home soon, very very soon. So, can I spend $50 to get my nails done? You said you like when I have long nails to scratch your back? Remember the old days when I would keep them up... and we moved here and it just got too expensive. Well you make all the money in the world, so please?

Well after the initial nails get put on, I have to go back every 4 or so weeks and get them filled. That will only cost about $25 each time. Will that be ok, too? Thank you, Mr. Man.

Mr. Man, did I mention to you that I've been getting a massage every 3 to 4 weeks and a facial every 6 or 7 weeks? Yep, and all that was done with your hard earned money. *Wink Wink* (But don't worry, he has been getting massages every other week, too. They just don't cost as much as mine!) But, Mr. Man, do not forget you promised me my own back rub from you! (Yes, I have NOT forgot about that one.)

But I did get a good deal on my hair this past go round. See Jessie had been charging me about $80 every 5 weeks, but since she just recently went blonde, too, she offered me a discounted price. (She must understand the pain and expense that goes with being a blonde!) My hair grows fast, so she said if I come in every 4 to 5 weeks and get my hair cut every other time, then she will charge me just $35. So, see there Mr. Man, I saved us some money! Go me!

Ok, so I think you get the picture. I am spoiled to the bone! Like seriously, Mr. Man, maybe you should tell me no sometimes? (Mr. Man, if you are reading this, please never tell me no. I am actually sad just thinking about it!) But Mr. Man do know that I love and appreciate every single thing you do for me and this family. If I ever try to tell you differently, you have permission to give me a "Batista Bomb." (But remember to ask for permission first!) 

Oh gosh, how I love my Mr. Man!

So today, I am extremely thankful for my husband and his hard work and dedication to his career and his family. Without him, no telling where I would be (jail?), what I would look like (a hillbilly?), or what I would be doing with my life (smoking it away?). I love you, Mr. Man! 

P.S.-- Mr. Man does not go without either!


  1. yay Friday..have a great weekend :)

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