Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Do-dah, do-dah, hey!

Today has been one boring day. I do have to say I slept better last night. I just stayed up all night long, until about 1:30am then went up to my bed and fell asleep quite fast. I slept through the night for the most part. I didn't wake up until 9am, which was good. I have been so exhausted from not getting enough rest, that I wish I would have slept until noon. But I have too small of a bladder for that, but I will not complain about my 7ish hours of sleep. Night before last, I went up to bed around 10:30pm and laid in bed for almost 4 hours before I finally fell asleep. Not to mention, I would wake up every 40 to 60 minutes throughout my night. I have been doing this for several weeks now, but there is no reason behind it. People have asked me if I am afraid of someone coming in my house, or if I am stressed, or if there is something going on, but the truth is there is nothing. I get restless when Mr. Man is away because I have to touch someone when I sleep. And that some is my husband. I have to prop my leg on something, I have to have my head a certain why, and all that falls back to Mr. Man. Now that I am not as busy, I'm not near as exhausted, so I generally do not just lay in bed and crash. It takes time to fall asleep. But thankfully, all of this will be over soon enough.

To that, with the volcanic ash episode going on, everything has been delayed. So no telling when Mr. Man will be home. People keep asking and I can not tell. Honestly, I do not even know. The Air Force does not even know, so please bare with us. All I know is that he will be here before the end of May unless there is a disaster or crisis between now and then.

So back to today. Gym has been awesomely awesome to me. Today I worked out my legs, and I did so good. I pushed through my workouts and cardio. It feels so amazing to be pushing myself so hard again. Now that I have the time and am not being rushed on my workouts, it is nice and peaceful (and painful). I came home from the gym and started on my school work. I got done with it pretty quick. This math class is getting harder and harder by the moment, but I think it's because I am restless, can't concentrate, exhausted, impatient, and anxious. All in all, I did a homework sheet of 31 problems and missed 2.5 of them. I would not say that is too bad since I was tapping and fidgeting the entire time. My mind truly was elsewhere. I had to read each problem like a hundred times before it would register in my mind. I am so ready for this to be over with. Deployments really are overrated. After I did my math homework, I wrote a paper on The Last Supper  by Leonardo da Vinci. I am loving what I am learning in this Art class. I think the only reason why I can appreciate it and understand it is because I am right here in the middle of all of it. Every piece of art that I have had to write a paper on, I will see during our Italy trip (which is in... drum roll please... 37 days). My husband is not much into art, but I will have to educate him a little so he can appreciate the things we see. After I finished all my school work, I just cooked and took a relaxing bath, read a book, and chilled out. I did get to talk to Mr. Man for a while. We discussed eating habits and such, because I have to get back in the habits of making weekly menus and making weekly grocery and market trips again. It's exciting to discuss these things. It means it's just that much closer to being all over with.

Sorry for the boring post, but my life is pretty laid back, relaxing, and boring at this point.

Oh, quick question for my readers. I need your opinions. The dilemma of the Iphone Touch. To get or not to get? Any opinions? If so, sell it to me!


  1. Ugh I hate those nights that you lie in bed and ALL you want is to fall asleep and you just cant. And the next thing you know you've been lying there willing yourself to sleep for 3+ hours and you're still wide awake! It happens to me ALL the time!

  2. I sleep the same, except I can usually fall right to sleep but I wake up every hour and every time the dog moves in the hall. I have found that piling pillows on the side where hubby usually sleeps at least tricks my body a little bit and usually after a little while I can sleep somewhat normal. Wine also helps :)


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