Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Sense of Relief

As much as I hate to blog about Facebook or even think about the crazy site, I am going to do it anyway. I told myself that this is blog is about getting my feelings out because writing has always been my therapy (you should see my collection of diaries!).

Facebook-- It is a wonderful site to keep in touch with everyone you meet as you travel the world. It is the best place to upload photos and share you life experiences so people can watch you grow and vice versa. However, I have ran across a few complications, which one is the focus of this blog.

I am well aware that this person could read this (so if you are reading this, "Hi!"), but it also is not geared toward bashing anyone by any means. Just the ability to let go of what I have held on to for far too long.

I have been on edge about the things I can and cannot post of Facebook, whose feelings I am going to hurt, etc. etc. Really there are many meanings behind it, and I just feel that I ( or Mr. Man = My husband) should feel like this. Some people take things too literal and too personal. They totally should not. People who know me know the true me and that's that. I am never out to hurt anyone or whatever random people decide to put in their heads. I get excited about life and want to post about it, big deal. That's what it is there for, right?

Yesterday, I was able to reach a sense of relief when some things came down. Nothing bad, nothing that was done wrong, just some questions that I had been thinking about for a while were answered. But all I have to say about this situation is: If you are going to lie to cover something up, then make it believable. Make sure that I (or Mr. Man) cannot trace to the truth or discover it is a lie. By all means, be up front with us because we are not the type to get all upset over someone wanting to delete us on Facebook or "not be our friends anymore"... whatever the case. However, if you lie, you will cause much disappointment (especially when we have a strong belief in you). A disappointment that will never be forgiven. So I believe that it has reached that point, and I am greatly sorry that you have felt that you needed to lie to us to keep the "peace".

I am not sure why I have a sense of relief over it, truly I don't. But I am thankful that God has given me the peace of mind to move on. All this just proves that my instincts were correct, and with that I can move on.

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