Monday, April 12, 2010

Little Thoughts here, Little Thoughts There

Today, I got a massage! I was definitely due up for one, and my massage therapist said she could feel it in every area of my body. I knew this because I have been so tense lately from the anxiety of Mr. Man coming home. On a normally day, I get a full body swedish massage and a facial. I do this about every 6 weeks. Today, when I went in, I was telling her how I have not been able to sleep because I am so anxious, excited, and feeling impatient. She worked through my knots on my shoulders and lower back and just told me to drink plenty of water and relax when I got home. She told me to be sure that I let all my feelings out (even if I talk to myself in the mirror)! Ok, so I don't talk to myself in the mirror, but I definitely write... blog. Like I have said before, writing has always been my therapy. I am working on that because I normally would bottle in all my emotions and just sooner or later move past it. However, those knots that form from all the toxins never fully release themselves unless you get some type of workout/massage.

After the massage part, I normally get a clay facial. These facials are absolutely amazing. I always feel so refreshed and my face looks so healthy after I get it done. And thankfully, it lasts a long time. Well, this time since I had been discussing my stress and not being able to sleep, she through the thought of having a face massage done. It is basically the same as the facials, but with the massage tied in. This was ABSOLUTELY (!!!!) amazing. Words can not explain how amazing it felt. As she was massaging my face, she told me that I have tons of tenseness (is that a word?) and pressure in my forehand. She asked me if I had been having frequent headaches or migraines. Of course, I have. She just kept working with my forehead, and oh my goodness it was amazing. I could actually feel the pressure moving from my eyebrows. She pinched here, pinched there, pressed here, pressed there, rubbed here, rubbed there. Even went to the tops of my shoulders up around my neck. Absolutely fascinating.

I love this lady that has started doing my massages because she is full of knowledge. She doesn't just tell you the things you should or should not do. She also explains why or why not and even what causes certain things. Like the first time I went and saw her, she explained to me why I am having so much lower back trouble (other than the obvious stress). And other than the obvious injuries from high school. I played softball in high school as a pitcher and a catcher. We all know that catching is bad on the back and knees. Pitching made my wrists go bad. I have arthiritis (insert sad face because that stuff hurts) in my wrists. I also was a cheerleader, and surprising that is pretty harsh on your back because your body stays strained when you are being all flexible and stuff. Anyhoo, so she explained to me that when your body stays flexed or tensed in a certain position, your body begins to build up the toxins there. She told me that if I cross my legs while I am sitting, it causes major tension in my hips, which leads to my lower back. For that, I have been trying to break the habit of crossing my legs. Then today, she told me that the tension in my forehead is from concentration/strain in my eyebrows (basically, squinting). She told me that since I have been stressed, that is probably what is causing the tension and headaches. She told me what to do to fix it... and I am so amazed! Oh, and she told me to always wear sunglasses even when it is partly sunny because I have sensitive baby blues. This lady is absolutely fabulous. If you are stationed here or live in this area, let me know. I will hook you up!

Another awesome thing this massage therapist did for me today is..... give me permission to eat CHOCOLATE! That's right. She told me that there is something in chocolate that helps release stress/tension in the female body, but if you over do it, then it will do absolutely nothing. I think it is in the mind. One of those confidence, self-esteem type things, but hey... I got myself excuse to eat one small piece of chocolate. My chocolate of choice: Milk Chocolate covered Cherry. British Chocolate, which I find to be WAY better than American chocolate, but if you ask the Brits, they will tell you that our chocolate and ice cream (they love Blue Bell) is better.

Next thought of the moment has to do with school and our trip to Italy. As you all may (or may not) know, I have been planning our trip to Italy. (Oh, ADD child coming in, I got our guideboks and phrase book/dictionary for the trip today, too! Woo hoo!!) Back to trip planning.. I am also taking an Art class, which is not the best of classes, but I am learning so much. A lot, a lot of history. Last week, I had to do a paper on Michelangelo's David. If you do not know what I am talking about, please have your history lesson for the day... it will show just how excited and blessed I am. I realize, after doing this whole paper, that I will be in Florence in (Drum Roll Please.....) 47 days. Well I will be in Italy in 47 days, Florence 4 days after that. (Rome is our first stop.) So... guess where Michelangelo's David is now located?! You've guessed it! FLORENCE!! How awesome is that?! I study this piece of art that had so much controversy so many years ago, and then a month later, I get to see it with my own eyes. Wow, I live a dream!

So.... there were my thoughts for the day!


  1. WOW I have got to get to the spa and get a facial massage!

  2. I have an award for you on my blog!


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