Friday, April 16, 2010

Blog Illiterate

I am officially categorized as "blog illiterate". Wondering who classified me? Myself. I look around, finding new blogs, only to realize I need to learn how to decorate my dang blog. I want a cute template and a button. I know none of this is a "must-have" to be a blogger, but still... I want it. So, I guess my next lesson will be to learn how to find cute blog templates and apply them to my own, create my own designs or find someone that can do it for me. Adding to my agenda, NOW!



  1.'s super easy to just do your own...although I have NO room to talk about design...because I can NOT stand my Goodnight moon! blog. I am actually paying someone to design it for me. She is working on it as we speak:) Just google "free blog backgrounds" and a ton of cute sites will pop up. AND...for a button, you can do that yourself too....if you speak computer....which again, I don't! But the background part is super easy!

    Good luck!

  2. Check out my post on how my blog got a makeover...
    (It may have been FREE)!

  3. I googled templates and checked out others blogs and tried the site they got theirs from :)


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