Monday, April 19, 2010

PEMDAS, Rick Steve's, and Exciting News


Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally!
All i have to say to you Mrs. Math Genius is Please Excuse My Dear Fragile Brain!

Thank you, Rick Steve's:

I recently purchased the Rick Steve's Italy 2010 guidebook. So far, it is absolutely amazing. It is helping me to efficiently and smoothly to plan our trip. I am over halfway done with our itineraries. This book has listed many discounts, must-sees, top restaurants and cafes, top hotels, information and ATM points, and even Italian words that we will need to know. I even lists the best known places for certain wines and gelato. But I have recently come across something even more fascinating and entertaining, which is Rick Steve's Audio-guides on iTunes, and they are free! I started downloading a couple to hear the quality, and so far they are impressive. This will save us money and time during our adventures. So exciting! I am so glad I came across this.

Even more exciting news:

Mr. Man emailed me yesterday morning stating that he is packed up and will be extremely busy here on out. That is very exciting news. For the Air Force, that means interchanging and spinning the new guys up on the things going on. Now only if the volcano could chill out so flights can be resumed! (Which I believe that are being resumed today, so say a little prayer for us!) 

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