Sunday, April 11, 2010

Antsy Pantsy!

The time is coming near for Mr. Man to get home, and I just keep getting more and more antsy. Even our baby boy (Buttons) is getting anxious and impatient. I have been exhausted mentally and emotionally, which is causing me to be exhausted physically, too.

I haven't really been able to sleep lately because I always wake up thinking, "What time is?" "Is it a new day yet?" "Are we another day down?"... Completely mind boggling and frustrating. Mr. Man told me I should try to go to sleep earlier in hopes that laying down will knock me out since I am so exhausted. But that isn't the case for me. The last couple of nights I have tried this, but I just lay in bed, watch TV, and wonder when or if I will ever fall asleep. I think about all the things I could (and should) be doing rather than relaxing my mind and body.

Last night was a tough, tough night. I laid in bed hoping I would soon pass out because I felt soooo tired. Like "soooo tired" doesn't even explain how tired I was. But of course, nothing. I get back up, turn on the TV, and the cycle begins. I finally fall asleep. YAY! Until I wake up about 1 hour later wondering if it was a new day! Of course not, it's only about 11:30pm... wonderful! Not this again.. haha, totally that again! I finally fall back to sleep, only for my baby boy to wake me up excited for a new day. "No, baby boy, it's bedtime," I say as I cuddle up to him and try to go back to sleep. So this happened repeatedly all night last night. Between the both of us, life is a roller-coaster at night time.

I am so over this anxiety, just ready for Mr. Man to be home! Did I just home?! 

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  1. I totallly understand! I have my Spouse's homecoming banner rolled up in our guest bedroom and I must admit I look at it all the time!!


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