Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Kindred Connection #2

How exciting?! I am attending my second Kindred Connection Party. The Kindred Connection is for anyone who has a blog that is based on "marriage, faith, family, homemaking, decorating, crafts, cooking, travel, saving money, style, and a little bit of everyday life," then you qualify to join The Kindred Connection. To join, just click the button below, and it will send you to the original blog for more information.
Windy Poplars

The questions for this party are as follows:
1. What is your favorite vacation spot?
Wow, this is a tough one considering I am about to travel a lot with in the next couple of years. But so far, I have to say that my favorite vacation spot thus far is when me, Mr. Man, and our baby boy went to the Scotland border for a long weekend. We went hiking and just relaxed. Here are some pictures to show a little of our adventure. 
The picture below is of the valley itself. 
The picture above is the beginning of our 8 hour hike.
The picture below is me pretending to fall over.. It actually was really scary!
The above picture is Mr. Man enjoying the scenery.
This next one is our baby boy at the top of the mountain... and the wind got the best of him to give us a priceless photo!
The picture above shows the top of the mountain, but this is a picture after we began to descend.. looking back.
The picture below shows one of the many stone fences throughout The Lake District. These are very, very old! They are lined along the roads and through the neighborhoods.
Of course, we have many, many more photos, but I don't want to bore you too much!

2. What are the three qualities that you most admire about your husband (or if you're not married what are the three qualities you would most desire in a man)?
To pick only three, now that is the tough part. I have to say 1.) His commitment to being healthy and fit since it is a part of me, as well. 2.) His desire to be a better person in all aspects of life. 3.) His personality.. the fact that he can be loving, caring, sweet, but still be strong, masculine, tough without losing any sentimental value.

3. What has been a meaningful Bible verse to you this week?
I have been harping on Truth from myself and others as things in my life take place. The verse that I have came upon often and feel connected to is:
2 Timothy 2:15
"Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, handling accurately the word of truth." 

4. What is your favorite color(or colors) and why?
My favorite color is by far Yellow. Yellow is my favorite color because of the fact that is it bright. It sends light to all dark times and provides positiveness. It is always the color that brightens my day. 

5. What is the funniest thing that happened to you in the last 24 hours?
Oh, oh, I got it. Lately, I have been tangling my words up and typing crazy words when I mean other words. Like one day, I told my husband I going to go work, when I meant bed. (I don't work!) Another day I told him I was going to go to a friend's men, but I meant a friend's house. (I think I worried him about going to another man's house, haha!) And the one that happened yesterday, which I thought was hilarious was when I said "It spread like Wildflower!" Of course, I totally meant "Wildfire." The joys of being blonde... scattered!


  1. Hi! Thanks for joining the party this week. What gorgeous pictures of Scotland! My hubby and I would LOVE to travel there...maybe one day. Oh, and that pic of your doggy! What a riot!!! I do those word/mix-up/my brain is really in another place thing too...makes me worry about what I'll be like in my 60s, you know?! :-) Hope you're having a fabulous day!

  2. Haha-- I do stuff like that alllll the time, especially when I'm typing. If I'm talking to the hubs about something and typing to a friend online, sometimes I'll type random words from what I just said outloud. Usually I catch it before I hit "enter" lol!

    Those pics of scotland are GREAT, btw-- I'd love to see the others you have!
    I'm an AF wife too :)

  3. Love it! The mixing up words made me laugh because I do that daily. Ha ha I once said Budgeiser Wuy instead of Budweiser Guy when I was working and a shipment came in.

    ♥ Mrs. S.

  4. LOL about your word mix ups! Pretty vacation pictures. Thanks for the comment also, I'm glad it made you laugh.

  5. LOL Same fave color as me! Yay! My sister is an ARMY wife so MORE POWER TO YOU!!! Thank you so much for supporting your hunny the way you do while he keeps us all safe and free!


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