Monday, August 2, 2010

This Weekend Was Fabulous!

We had a fabulous family weekend! It was low key and fantastic! 

On Saturday, Mr. Man and I had to go bring some paperwork to the place we bought the sofas to get some money back since we do not have to pay the UK taxes. Well, we did that and since we were there, we decided to go eat at a Japanese Sushi bar. We had been there before, and this place is AMAZING! We ordered the large sushi bowl, which contained 15 pieces of a variety of sushi. There was some octopus, eel, salmon, tuna, mango, and tons of other things I did not recognize. All of it was good. We shared all of it, and each got to taste each one. It was yummy. Might I add, I am not a fish eater. Put sushi in my face, and I will chow down like no other. We also ordered a Japanese fried rice with vegetables and seafood. It was so light, refreshing, and yummy. We each got a Japanese Green Tea, which was amazing! I HATE tea. I think I have mentioned that before here, but I loved this tea. It was so refreshing and soothing. I loved it. We also got some teriyaki chicken to try since we had not had anything cooked there, other than the noodles and the rice. It was, of course, just as fantastic. We never go wrong when we go to these places because we love this kind of food. Oriental food is amazing. All aspects of it!

Since we are talking about the sofas, I got a phone call about 20 minutes ago! They are going to be here on Friday! I seriously can not believe they are here already. Time sure does fly by when you are busy (and getting old)! I can NOT wait. I am so happy that Mr. Man will still be here to see them in the house. I was really afraid they would come while he was away, but NOPE, he will get to help move them in, set them up, and enjoy them for a week before he leaves! Yay! We are beyond excited.

So Saturday afternoon, we went to a BBQ with a bunch of friends. It was such a good time. They had hamburgers, hot dogs, brauts, watermelon, fruit tray with dip, cheese sticks, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and I'm sure more. I just can not remember everything that was there. I ate a hamburger (minus the buns) and some fruit and fruit dip. Yummy! It was nice and refreshing and not over the top. While we were there, they brought out this delicious Italian wine. It was so smooth. By far the best wine I have ever tried. I plan on going on a hunt to find it when Mr. Man gets back from his TDY. It was so good. When I figure out the name, I'll share it, too! After we ate and the kids went to bed, we played Catch Phrase. Talk about hilarious! Mr. Man and I were the only sober people there. It was way hilarious. I mine as well had been drunk because I sure sounded like it some moments. It was a seriously good time. We got so into the game and addicted that we literally played all night long. Thank goodness, Mr. Man and I lived just a couple of steps away! 

On Sunday, church day, we went to the beach in the afternoon. Holkham Beach. It allows dogs, so we went with our baby boy. We had a fabulous time. I packed us a picnic lunch, which included a black bean salsa, light vegetable pasta, a variety of salami, and grapes and feta. When we got to the beach, Buttons saw 5 big dogs, all the same breed, and all so beautiful. He wanted to play with them so bad. Surprisingly they were playing in the water. Our baby boy has always been afraid of the water. We let him play around, and he seriously ran straight to the water with me. It was awesome! I was so proud of him. I was happy to have brought my camera for proof, too. After we played in the water some, we ate. Buttons was so cold from being wet and the wind blowing, so Mr. Man gave him his jacket. We bundled him up and he just chilled out on the side of us while we ate. After we ate, we all laid on the beach, all cuddled together, talking about life and things coming up with his career and such. It was such a great day. It was just what we needed. We are so use to being close to the beach, hearing the water all the time. Now when we are able to be on a beach or near crashing waves, it calms us and makes us happy. Definitely a well needed little day away! FANTASTIC! 

Of course, today... it is back to reality.


  1. Your little baby is so adorable!! Sounds like you had a great weekend! Glad to meet someone else who LOVES Sushi.

    And when you find out the name of that white wine? You'll have to let me know!

  2. It sounds like a fabulous weekend!!! Glad you guys finally went to the beach there :)


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