Friday, August 6, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In:

Wife of a Sailor 

1. What is something you wished you’d learned to do earlier in life?
Really, I have learned a lot very early. One of the most recent life lessons I have learned is that not everyone is going to like you for who you are. Some will not give you the light of day because they think they know everything and are better than everyone. So I wish that I would have learned that sooner, so I would not have taken it so hard once it hit. I hardly ever have someone not like me, and since I have been in the UK, I have had my fair share of drama from a couple of people that can not seem to let things go. Other than that, life is about living and learning so I am constantly learning new things, and I feel I am learning them all in good time.

2. What is your biggest pet peeve with the military?
The biggest is hurry up and wait. They want you to do everything you can do as fast as you can, in the shortest amount of time possible, but then when you are done and ready, they are just beginning their share. Of course the famous, no set dates or times. But I have to say I respect that one way much more than the hurry up and wait.

3. What tourist attraction near you have you never seen?
I live in the UK. I have not been to Wales or Cornwall. Those are two places I really want to go when I get the chance.

4. What are you avoiding doing right now?
A paper for my education class. It's the easiest paper, and I am over halfway done with it, but I will have all day tomorrow to myself since Mr. Man is going paintballing with some guys. I think I will finish it then!

5. Wine, beer or liquor?
I am now a wine drinker. I still love my occasional Sex on the Beach, Bahama Mama, or Margarita, but I have started drinking wine way more often. I think because when I drink, it's just a glass or so. Wine is the appropriate drink for something like that.


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  3. New here! Thank you for linking up @ Life as a Wife! I am following your blog now... how VERY interesting that you got married so young. People told me 20 was young. YOU GO GIRL! Sounds like a very fun life and I am excited to read more :) Adding you to my blogroll!

  4. Hey there fellow Millie! Hope the AF is treating you well. Thank you so much for linking up to Friday Party Hop! I hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Love your new layout! AFter almost 10 years in the AF, I have gotten used to the Hurry Up and Wait way of the AF. CRAZY I know! When we were stationed at England, they always had bizarres. Well they had a vendor that sold wine from Italy. They had the best wine and we would buy it by the case! Now I am craving it. I wish I remembered the name.

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