Monday, August 30, 2010


Now that I have been slightly lazy, I have thought about so many things. Thank the laziness on the fatigue, but I am getting better with it.

Some of the things that I have come to realize are:
1. I can't wait for Mr. Man to get home. I always miss him, and I always appreciate him no matter if he is home or away, but now, I really, really, really appreciate him and all he has done for me. And I think it is time he gets back home and starts back up again because dishes really make me sick, cleaning in general makes me sick and wears me out. I want some of his yummy food. Food is just not all that appetizing when I have to cook it myself. I need sleep. I need his armpit and his butt! So I can lay exactly how I was comfortable laying before he left with my head in his armpit and my leg propped on his butt. I just need sleep, and I need him home so I can successfully achieve it.

2. When we went to Italy, I "sort of" prayed to a fertility saint. I do not remember her name, but I remember all these wreaths and baby things pinned up by her designated chapel. Mr. Man did it first, and said I should too, but since I'm not Catholic I had no idea what I was doing. Well, if you do the calculations, we made this baby in Italy towards the end of our trip. WOW! God works in mysterious ways.

3. On Sunday, the Sunday that we enjoyed our picnic beach day. I do not know if I blogged about it, but it was the Sunday before Mr. Man left for California and the Sunday before we took the pregnancy tests. Well, on that day, there were a bunch of kids running around playing at the beach. As we were sitting there talking, playing with Buttons, he says "I think I'm ready." I had no idea what he was talking about. So I tell him this, and then he does not say a word, so I look at him all dazed and confused. He then nods at the kids in the water playing. Initially, my reaction was "Uhhh duh! You better be ready because I have been off my birth control for 1.5 years." Mr. Man proceeded to say, "If we need to stick thermometers up your butt every day and weigh yourself, then lets do it." I just laughed at him. We came home and of course this was in my head, so I thought about it for a couple of days. That's when I thought to myself, "Ok, if it doesn't happen within the next few months, then I will consider doing something about it." Who would have known that just 1 day later, I would realize I was pregnant. Not me, that's for sure.

By the way, we had decided when we started trying and I had some problems in the past that when I was 23 we would see a doctor. That is why we never did anything about it because we did want it to happen on God's time and the right time. We knew we were young and there was no need to force it. Plus, we both wanted it to be a surprise. That explains why I did not do much charting or anything.

4. I have many things to be thankful for. Yes, I may be tired. Yes, school may be kicking my butt since I decided to double up. Yes, I may get nauseated here or there. Yes, I may have already gained weight. And yes, I may want to sleep the day away and may successfully do it. But I also have amazing friends, amazing family, and an amazing support group. I also have NOT thrown up at all. I can control my cravings, which I love. I can come and go as I please and my friends are so flexible. Mr. Man is being so involved and constantly wanting me to turn on the webcam so he can see "our babies". No, I'm not having twins. It's our baby boy and my stomach :)

5. I am extremely thankful that I have no responsibilities that make me be on a schedule. School is done on my time. No job, equals sleeping in until 11am some mornings. I get time to walk our baby boy and sit outside and read books. I have time to talk to Mr. Man even on his tight and busy schedule. I have time to talk on the phone when family calls to check on me. I am always home cuddled up on the couch or in my bed with my baby boy. I just love that I can do whatever I want whenever I want, and I give a big applause to pregnant women that work or are SAHM's during pregnancy. It's exhausting.

So about me. I will be 11 weeks in two days and not much has changed. I still am having the same "symptoms." My boobs barely fit in my bras, which is absolutely fascinating!! I already have a pouch that is fairly obvious; however, I do still fit in my size 0 pants. Thanks to them being low-waisted and my hips not spreading just yet! I will post pictures of my progression as I get more confident about things. I am definitely getting a lot of my energy back, which I am so thankful for. I am just starting to be hot all the time, which has been perfect timing for the cool weather that has finally hit England. I can sleep comfortably without sweating. That is a huge improvement from just a couple of days ago. Other than that, things are the same. Nothing fantastic going on. Mr. Man will be home Sunday, so I can not wait to have him home experiencing all of this with me.

I also wanted to say thank you to all my readers for the kind comments on the pregnancy. You guys are awesome, and put a smile on my face! I hope you enjoy this journey just as much as I know I will! Ya'll are really so sweet and kind, and I am thankful to have you all, too!

Until next time.... which is so unpredictable during this day and age!

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  1. I'm so excited to read all about your pregnancy. I think it's so fascinating what our bodies are capable of doing. I can't wait to go through this journey with you and I can't wait to see belly pictures! Those are the best =)


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