Tuesday, August 3, 2010

100 Things That Make Me Happy:

This is a part of the 101 Things in 1001 Days Project. I got to looking at my list the other day and decided that it would be easy to find 100 things that make me happy. I am a pretty happy person, and I enjoy a lot of things, so I sat on the list for a bit. Then I got back to it last night. I think I finished it. I wish I could add more to it because I feel I have left some things out, but I guess I could always add more to it later, right? This list is based on my basic life, not a particular part of my life. Although I could probably have 100 things that make me happy as a military wife and 100 things that make in happy in everyday life. I just combined them and went with it.

So here's my list:
  1. Mr. Man
  2. Our Baby Boy
  3. our life
  4. God
  5. spending the day with my family
  6. the beach
  7. the sun
  8. flowers, especially roses and daisy's
  9. our family
  10. hanging out with freinds
  11. watching the sunset
  12. traveling
  13. passionate kisses
  14. shopping 
  15. food
  16. late night walks
  17. cuddling
  18. working out
  19. cooking
  20. being lazy
  21. swimming
  22. BBQ's
  23. getting a good night's rest
  24. bubble baths
  25. laying out
  26. Louisiana
  27. romantic getaways
  28. blogging
  29. making good grades
  30. meeting new people
  31. trying new foods
  32. candles
  33. being organized
  34. smelling fragrances
  35. my sunglasses
  36. success
  37. love
  38. jeans that fit just right
  39. not having to drive
  40. boiled seafood
  41. holding hands
  42. getting packages in the mail
  43. finding good sales
  44. snow days
  45. Aerosmith
  46. wrapping up in a towel that is still warm from the dryer
  47. pedicures
  48. massages
  49. facials
  50. fishing
  51. seeing my family happy
  52. having the necessities in life
  53. taking a trip down memory lane
  54. my makeup
  55. reading a good book
  56. getting things done
  57. feeling refreshed
  58. Disney movies
  59. ice cream
  60. taking family pictures
  61. finding money in random places
  62. talking to the kiddos on the phone
  63. hearing Mr. Man's voice from ocean's away
  64. laughing 
  65. freedom
  66. music
  67. dancing
  68. sleeping in after a long night
  69. getting unexpected phone calls
  70. soup on a cold, rainy day
  71. feeling sexy and confident
  72. picnics
  73. lists
  74. Egyptian Cotton sheets
  75. the smell of freshly cut grass
  76. Mr. Man with his shirt off
  77. water parks
  78. playing Wii
  79. seeing older cartoons on TV
  80. alone time
  81. sour candies
  82. humble people
  83. homemade fruit juice
  84. babies and children
  85. getting my hair done
  86. thrift shops
  87. catching butterflies on camera
  88. old couples 
  89. high heels
  90. margaritas
  91. hiking
  92. helping others
  93. fixing things on my own
  94. being on a boat
  95. waking up to Mr. Man by my side
  96. conquering my fears
  97. church
  98. coloring
  99. hearing stories of military families reunited
  100. watching our son wait for Daddy at the door every single night, seeing him run up to Mr. Man and beg for snuggles right as Mr. Man walks through the door


  1. Whew, that's quite the list! I did a condensed one today. Always good to remember the little things that make us happy.

  2. wow! you really did a great job with this list. it would take me years, not that i'm a happy person but to actually sit and think and type - i get easily distracted. hehehehe

    ~ash's mum

  3. Love your list! Sounds like it would be a very good exercise... Maybe I'll have to try it one day! Can't wait to see pics of your new couches all settled in your home! Happy Wednesday...

  4. Love your list. I think the 100 in 1001 project is so cool. I'm considering jumping aboard and giving it a whirl!


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