Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Sofas (are almost here)!!

I am so dang excited! I got a call yesterday about our sofas coming in. They set up a day and time to deliver them here to the house. I am so stinking excited! They will be here Friday around 10am.

As soon as I found out the new sofas were going to be here so soon, I put my other sofas up for sale. I seriously got about 10 people interested in less than 5 minutes. Heaven! I was so worried about having two sets of sofas in my house at one time. I could not just throw away these old sofas because they were not old. Nor do they have any stains, discoloration, nothing. They have  been well taken care of. They were a gift to us, so I really wanted to see them go to someone that could use them.

Well, a family emailed me about them yesterday. I told them that no one has set up a pick up date, but the first to do that would get them. I obviously need them out of my house ASAP, so this is why I did this. The family replied immediately back from a Blackberry (haha!) to claim them. I was so relieved! To top it off, they are coming to get them on Friday morning before the other ones show up. Talk about perfect!

I can not wait to get our new sofas in. We have officially accomplished everything we wanted to before adding to our family. It is quite relaxing and soothing to know that we will be comfortable and secure in our home for a while. Yay, yay, yay! I seriously can not wait to have our new ones here in the house.

Which leads me to shopping more! Because one of them is a sofa bed.. which means they will need sheets! Another yay for shopping!


  1. So exciting!! I can't wait for pictures, seriously!

  2. So exciting! Only a few more days!


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