Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday is Today!

Tuesday Tag-Along

Top 2 Tuesday is host by The Undomestic Momma. 

This weeks Top 2 Tuesday is Guilty Pleasures. This is hard, but this what I have chosen:

1. Panties/Lingerie. I have an obsession with constantly buying new panties and lingerie. Surprisingly, it is hardly ever for Mr. Man. I just love panties. I love bras. I love cute little sleep outfit. And I love to occasionally (And I mean "occasionally") play dress up. Just recently I sent $60 on panties from Victoria Secret, only because they were on sale. But then a week later, I went on a shopping spree with Mr. Man and could not resist not buying more. Needless to say, my pantie drawer is stuffed full (but somehow I manage to fit more and more and more in it). Bras.. I got through bras like crazy because I wear a regular bra everywhere and for everything I do. So gym, I wear a regular bra with a sports bra. Definitely not because I have big boobs. It's actually for the opposite. It tends to give my boobs a little extra "ooh la la." 

2. My other one is a tie between shoes and purses. I definitely own more shoes than purses. The last time Mr. Man deployed, the 6 month one. I had accumulated 12 new pairs of shoes while he was gone. Sadly, I did not start buying them until 2 months into the deployment, which means.. yea, you get it. Mr. Man came home to shoe boxes stacked up the top of our tall dresser in our bedroom. (Oops!) Purses, I definitely love, but somehow I can talk myself out of buying them. Not really sure why or how I do that, but I do. It still does not change how much I want them and how much I love them, but it does save Mr. Man's pocketbook.

Today was my first day back into the gym. It was exciting, exhausting, and emotional. Exciting because I was stoked about getting back into the gym after eating nothing but fatty foods for 2 weeks. Exhausting because I still feel like I need to recover from my vacation. I need sleep, need relaxation (spa day just was not enough. How about 5 more of those?!), and need a change in pace. Emotional because... well because... I got a new iPod. I plugged it into the computer and all the music downloaded to it. All of that music seemed to be depressing country music while I was working out. Seriously, one song would come on and I would want to cry. No exaggeration there. (Hello Hormones, Glad you could welcome yourself into my "hardcore" moment!) I snapped out of it quickly, though. For the most part anyway. It was definitely nice to be in the gym, though. It was a slow pace workout, but it was successful. I felt refreshed and calm when I was done. Definitely could have sleep for days after it, but I didn't.

Instead, I had to get groceries. Our house has been empty since we left for vacation. There was no point in leaving anything with us being gone so long. We got back on Sunday, and by this morning the pantry and refrigerator were dry. (Speaking of our pantry and refrigerator being dry... When I woke up this morning, Mr. Man went out got breakfast for us. He's been too sweet. So sweet that I think he might have something up his sleeve?) So today was grocery shopping day while Mr. Man was at work. Now we have food, YAY! A lot of it, too!! 

Ok, now I will go work on the pictures. 

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  1. Oh I am so with you! Panties, lingerie, purses, and shoes.... yummy, sigh, love, love, love!


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