Monday, June 14, 2010

Our Spa Day:

So today was Mr. Man and I's spa day. We arrived at about 9:20am, made sure our appointments were at the same time, and got a tour of the facility then hit the jacuzzi. It was such a nice and relaxing day. The very first thing we did was put on our swim suits and went straight into the jacuzzi. It was hot and nice. The facilities were all indoors because it is ENGLAND! Which means hardly no sunshine.. no warmth. It has been cloudy today. I actually had to wear a long sleeve shirt and pants, which really stinks coming from a place where I could sport my bikini, tube tops, and booty shorts (wink, wink). Either way, the water was warm and cozy. The bubbles were nice. Mr. Man was 1 of 3 men in this area, seriously. It was quite funny. Next, we went into the sauna to dry up a bit  before we got out massages and pedicures. They give us slippers, robes, and towels for the day, which is awesome. We walked around this place wrapped in robes all day long. It was quite hilarious to see Mr. Man in these type of clothes. Haha! Anyway, after the massages and pedicures, we had lunch. Mr. Man got teriyaki salmon with some scottish egg thing, and I got a steak with roasted vegetables. It was all very yummy. It was a lot of food, too. Mr. Man said he could have eaten more, though. But we all know he is a fatty and eats a ton! I had way too much food, so I shared with him. After we ate, we hung our by the pool and steam room until our manicure appointments. After the manicures, we decided it was time to come home to our boy because we missed him. Plus, it really is not fair to come home, only to leave him behind again. We got home and relaxed. I fell asleep on the drive home because my body was so relaxed from the spa day. 

My appointments today were amazing. The girl was extremely young, but she did a really good job. She was really sweet and friendly, too, so that made a difference. My hands and arms are so soft from the conditioning treatment and massage. Same goes for my feet and bottom half of my legs. My back and shoulders could use some more work, but that is just how my body is. That's not anyone else's fault. Over all it was a nice treat for the both of us, and it was just the right thing to welcome us back home. 

Pics from the trip and things to come soon!


  1. Oh I am so jealous! It sounds like you guys had an incredible time! So fun :)

  2. Ahhh!!!! Sounds like bliss! I got relaxed just thinking about it :-)

  3. Sounds aww like you too had a great time. Funny how you miss the pup, the hubs and I went to target this afternoon and we were like, aww we have to hurry home to the pup!


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