Sunday, June 27, 2010

Successful Weekend

It has definitely been a successful weekend for us! It has been so busy, but a lot of fun!

The not so fun parts were 1.) I had to finish a math test. I had already spent 4 hours on it on Friday and I planned on finishing it by Saturday morning. I did, and I did good. But seriously 6 hours on a math test is outrageous! 2.) I had to finish a paper for one of my education classes. I basically had to interview a teacher then write a reflection paper on it. It actually was not so bad. The part that was so time consuming was the fact that this interview had to take place back and forth through email. Although I am thankful that I have so many teacher friends and family because now I won't have to bother one all the time... I can spread the love!

The very, very fun and exciting parts!
We have been wanting to upgrade our furniture. We still have what we were given when we got married. Truthfully, there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of it, but we just wanted to upgrade for specific "unknown" reasons. Well we went to Cambridge yesterday (Saturday) and went to every furniture store possible. We wrote down the things we were interested in and their dimensions. I really did not intend on finding the ones we wanted because I really thought we would disagree and ending up having to compromise and settle on something neither one of us were truly happy with. So our adventure started after I finished my test on Saturday morning. I drove out, with Mr. Man, to Cambridge. There was this one store that was having a sale, so we stopped there. There were two sets of couches that we liked, but they were not the "one." We knew we could settle on either one of them and they were definitely in our price range. Then I drove us to another little shopping area. There were two furniture stores within it. Both were quite big. We stopped at the first one, which originally was not on our list to go to. We went in and sat on a few couches. The very first one I sat on IS the one. At first, I was the only one that sat on it, but I did not really think anything great about it. Then I began sitting on others within the store. On our way out, I guess I spotted it again and sat on it again. After sitting on it the second time, I was raving about how perfect it was. So Mr. Man sat down, and he immediately was like, "Wow, I think this is it!" I told him we still had to go to the other one. So we wrote down the name of it, got price quotes, then walked to the other store. We went in and sat on a every fabric couch possible and none of them felt anything close to the other. I told Mr. Man we needed to go back to the other store and sit on it one more time to make sure. We were both very happy with it and really really wanted it. So on our way to the car, we popped back in and sat on it. THEY ARE THEM! For sure, they are for us. The sitting is perfect for us. The fabric is tough and pretty. It is not too hard, not too soft. It is a great laying couch without looking like a sloppy bachelor pad, and it is elegant and I can dress it up.

Guess what?!
I am calling and making it official tomorrow!! They said that it will be about 6 to 7 weeks for them to come in. I can't wait. I am super excited! Now Mr. Man and I can do snuggles on the couch without being so uncomfortable!! YAY!
This trip was a blast! We seriously would spread our arms out and fall back on the couches to test them out. We even cuddled on a "cuddler chair." We also tested the two seater automatic recliners, and raced! Despite what Mr. Man says, I won! And we even walked around singing... haha, we are crazy! We had a blast. It was the best "shopping" trip with Mr. Man ever!! Because we actually agreed! And we immediately knew they were the one!


  1. I love furniture shopping!!!!! Can't wait to see pictures!

  2. Congrats on the new furniture! How exciting!

  3. Yay for funiture shopping! Glad you found 'the one' :)


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