Monday, June 21, 2010

My Birthday Boy

Yesterday was Mr. Man's birthday. Yes, he shared it the same day as Father's Day. It was a nice and relaxing weekend for us (for the most part).

Mr. Man was on standby for work, which it was suppose to be a 3 day weekend. That 3 day weekend did not happen for us at all. Mr. Man had to go in to work on Friday and do some work. It ended up taking him all day long. He got there a little after 8, and was there for a while. Then, that night we got a phone call at midnight about one of the alarms going off, but thankfully someone else volunteered to go up there and straighten it out. 

On Saturday, it was laid back. I took Mr. Man out to a nice Indian restaurant that is not far from the house. I am not an Indian food eater, but he has been wanting to try it. We went, and it was good. Like I said, not really my kind of food, but I could tell that it was fresh ingredients and homemade. That in itself made it worth it for me. The Nan bread was absolutely amazing. I loved it, but I love all bread. Mr. Man enjoyed it, too. After we ate, we went bowling. It was a Saturday night, and I wanted to go early before the crowds got there. It worked out. We played 4 games, all of which I won. Surprisingly, I won. I say this because the first couple of frames I totally gutter-balled every single one. I was ok with it, but Mr. Man decided to give me some small lessons. Just about throwing it straight and not all crooked. That is me. I am goofy. Well, after I got it down, it was a strike or spare every single time. It was beyond hilarious. Poor Mr. Man had to stick it out for the night. Finally on the last game, he conveniently bowled for me while I drank some water and went to the bathroom. I come back and he is winning. It worked out because it was his birthday, so he deserved to get his way. It was a nice night. We had a blast. We went home and Mr. Man asked me if I had seen the movie "UP". And I hadn't, so he suggested we watch it together. He had already seen it, though, but it was still fun to watch it with him and snuggle up on the couch together. Do I not have the best man ever or what?! He totally is so family-oriented and selfless. It was an adorable movie, too.

On Sunday, we got a phone call bright and early from his work. He had to go in. It was fine that he went in because I thought he would be back by church time. Wrong. So I laid in bed a little longer. Of course, I could have went to church alone, but I didn't have gas in my car and the gas station was close that early in the morning. Needless to say, we missed church. He got back at about 11am, and said he saw a few things going on in a couple of towns nearby that we could go to. One was a fair and the others were car boot sales. Once again, thinking about ME on his birthday! We went did that and got some shopping done, and back home we were. My family called and wished Mr. Man a Happy Birthday. His Mom called, but that was it from his side. He was very bummed about it. Mostly because he called his Dad to tell him Happy Father's Day and his Dad didn't remember. But in his Dad's defense, it has been a busy last couple of weeks for everyone between vacations and work and things, so I just explained that to Mr. Man but it didn't really work. He asked to go walk our son since it was pretty outside, and the whole time he was thinking about it. He would just make some small comments that made me realize it was really bothering him. When we got home, I asked what I could do to make him feel better thinking I was going to get something really sarcastic, like cook dinner, do clothes, wash dishes, give him a foot rub, etc. He is pretty sarcastic like that, but not this time. He just said, "Nothing. It's not your fault. I will just have to get use to the fact that people don't remember my birthday anymore." I wanted to cry. Made my heart break! 

But I did cheer him up by playing Modern Warfare with him. We played on 2 players. If you know me, you know I strongly dislike that game. It's too loud, too bloody, and just not nice, so I would rather have nothing to do with it. Yea... I played with him for 2 hours!! Help him get some medals on the 2 player part, and that was that. I must admit I had fun, but I am not addicted to it in any way.

That pretty much sums up our weekend. It was nice and laid back, except for the calls from work in the early morning and late night. 


  1. Oh poor guy! That is sad but you guys are so sweet and perfect together. Sounds like you guys had a fun weekend!

  2. I understand your frustration. My husband was on leave last week and they kept calling him about questions and we went up there 4 times! Then half of the people that he works with came to our house Sat morning to build pallets! NExt time he is on leave, we are going out of state or country!

  3. Hey Happy Birthday to your Mr. Man! Glad you were able to have at least some fun this weekend. I love Indian food and bread too, ugh! Sounds like you've got a winner (awwww, with hurt feelings) there. Good for you.


  4. I'm sorry his leave wasn't a real leave. Happy Birthday to him!

    I left you something on my blog :)

  5. You've got an award waiting for you on my page lovey!


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