Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 1 of our Trip:

We left home on Saturday, May 29. We headed to London for the night to catch an early flight the following morning. The drive to the airport and hotel was smooth. We saw many random "positive signs". I just knew things were going to go well. Our bus was numbered 777, we caught the time on 11:11 two times that day. But... that was not the case.

We left for Italy on Sunday, May 30. Our flight left at 6:50am, and let me tell you... it was a long and tiring morning and rest of the day. We flew through RyanAir, and they need to fix their website on checked baggage regulations. I read it as they would take 30 kilos and below as long as it fit certain dimensions. Well that was obviously not the case because when we checked our luggage in, it was overweight. And for every kilo it was overweight it was 20 pounds, which is over $30. We were about 5 kilos over,  but we were able to squish some things into the carry on so we would not have to pay so much money to get our luggage there. Well because of this, we were running around the airport paying the fees and dropping off our luggage. It was crazy because we needed more money out of the ATM and the ATM was across the airport. Then we had to bring the luggage to a certain spot for overweight luggage, which had a long line. All of this and we just knew we were going to miss our flight. I was freaking out over it.. and Mr. Man was running through the airport and I could barely keep up with him. Up a flight of stairs only to go back down not much longer. This happened a gazillion times. By the time we reached our gate, we were sweating and needed water. Well, that didn't happen because we had to get on the plane. We made it, but it was scary to think about.

Our flight was good for the most part. It was my first time flying on a smaller plane, so I was nervous about that. Whoever said that flying does not feel like you are in the air, it feels like you are on the ground is such a liar because I totally felt like I was floating on clouds. That is not a feeling my body enjoys. So Dramamine, thank you for being there if I needed you. I ended up not taking it because the flight was only a little over an hour and it would not have set in until 30 minutes into the flight, then what was the point after that? None, so I dealt with it. We did hit some "bad air" so the plane shook and jerked some. I was laying my head down when it happened, so it freaked me out when it happened because I was actually relaxed. Well Mr. Man thought it was funny, but I totally did not.

Once we arrived in Rome, we immediately realized they are an  hour ahead of England. This is something I forgot to look up  before we left (even though it was on my to-do list). We went straight to the hotel with our luggage and grabbed a bite to eat at a nearby Pizzareia (?sp). After we ate, we went back to the hotel, did some unpacking, freshened up, and headed out to see something. We were too anxious to not just sit around all day... so sightseeing is what we did. We went to a church. The Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, which had a few piazzas and things nearby, so it took up the rest of the day. They were actually having mass and it was in both English and Italian, which I thought was really cool. We toured the church and sat through the mass, then headed out to walk around until we went back for dinner. For dinner, we grabbed quick (and yummy!) pizza. After that, it was sleep time for a long and exciting Monday.

Here is some pictures from that first day in Rome.





  1. Oh my gosh its all so beautiful and sounds incredible! Hopefully you don't get sick of all my oohing and ahhing!!

  2. It looks so amazing! Glad you got there without too many snags!

  3. So sorry the plane part didn't go so well. BUT, glad you caught your flight after all the excitement! How I HATE weight regulations for luggage. Bad invention.

  4. ooohh look at you - the high flyer! the HIGH flyer..get it? :p hope you enjoy the rest of your vacay to the max. love the pics! keep em coming!

    ~ash's mum


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