Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kindred Connection: A Day Late

Windy Poplars

So I missed out on Kristen's Kindred Connection party yesterday, so I am going to do it today. This weeks topic was based around movie topics. 

The questions are:
1. What was your favorite movie as a child?
Growing up, my sister and I watch The Little Mermaid over and over and over again. We each actually had bikes that were The Little Mermaid theme. I remember being little bitty, and me and my sister snuggling on the couch in just our underwear watching this movie.  

2. If you could live in any movie as your fictional world, which one would it be?
This is a tough one, and I honestly do not know if I can answer it. Give me a few minutes to think, then I'll be back....
I think I got it. I would want to be in Charlie's Angels or one of the Fast and Furious as a flag girl... :) 
3. Have you ever seen a midnight showing, or hosted a movie release party? Tell us about it!
 I have not been to a midnight showing, and truthfully I am not that big into movies. Yes, I have movies that I love and adore, but I can not stand immature, drunk, and rowdy teenagers.. and same goes for the adults that act 2 years old. I have also never hosted a movie release party. Once again, not that big into movies.

4. What movie release are you most looking forward to this year?
I am ready to see Eclipse. My experience with New Moon was ruined. See the answer above on how it got ruined. And sadly, that was not even a midnight showing. Nor one of the first daytime showings. Hopefully Eclipse will make up for what happened with New Moon, and if not, oh well.
5. Are you a theatre goer, renter, or wait-and-buyer?
Mostly a wait-and buyer. Why? Because I like to buy them on Blu-Ray. Mr. Man loves Blu-Ray and truthfully that is about all we buy now. Sometimes, if we have nothing to do one evening or one weekend, we will rent a couple of movies. And if we want a reason to get out of the house on a rainy day or cold day, I will convince him to go to the movies. We have probably been to the movies less than 10 times throughout our relationship, no kidding. Which we have been together almost 6 years. 


  1. Disney is THE BEST. I was honestly a Lion King kinda kid though

  2. Haha! Crazy color choice there girl! :-) "We are of but one mind" - do you know what movie that is from?? If so, you'll appreciate that it's a hilarious quote... If not, no biggie! Hope you're having a great week so far. Talk to ya again soon, ~K


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